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Volkswagen Golf VR6 - Scott Mcconnell

Entered for the November 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Scott Mcconnell

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Golf VR6

Year: 1997

Viewed: 9383 times.

Votes/Comments: 145

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Volkswagen Golf VR6
Volkswagen Golf VR6
Volkswagen Golf VR6
Volkswagen Golf VR6

Products Used

How Scott Used Our Products

Car in General: 1997 Vw Golf VR6 2.8 6 cylinder 5 speed, Full Leather, heated Recaros , Full stainless exhaust, BMC Induction Kit, Up rated 10mm Leads, German plates, memo team wheel , 18” BBS CH Alloys , Coilovers. Rolling Roaded @ 189.8 bhp Cleaning Process: Car is fully sprayed over with water to firstly allow loosening the dirt. Daisy apc diluted and sprayed in nozzle bottle along bottom half of car. Meguiar’s NXT generation car wash used with 2 bucket method and Sonus lambswool mitt.

Car fully rinsed off and onto starting wheels. Wheels sprayed with diluted Bilberry wheel cleaner. Left for short period of time to diminish dirt. Wheels then set about with wheel brush and sponge for faces. Brush allowing getting right into the inner of wheels. Sprayed off with cold water.

Car is fully dried with microfiber cloths. Starting on roof and working down and around. All door shuts etc dried off with separate microfiber. Usually quickly take the car a short drive to allow any excess water to come out from shut lines. Any excess water then wiped off with micro fibre.

Glass outside cleaned using Autoglym fast glass. One microfiber to apply and one to take off. Black trim is treated with either Autoglym bumper care or Meguiar’s tyre gel to allow it to be brought back to life. When I first rotary polished the car I used Meguiar’s cleaner/polish and this removed a large amount of swirling. Full car is sealed with chemical guy’s extreme top coat. Applied with applicator pad.

Paint work is finished off with P21S (R222) Concours Look Carnauba wax and applied with given applicator. Finish off with giving the wheels and protect them with chemical guys wheel guard applied with microfiber cloths. Tyres coated with Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel applied with a cut up sponge. Interior gets treated with Autoglym leather treatment and cleaner. Sometimes I use Glyptone leather cleaner and scrub into leather with a scrubbing brush to get any stubborn dirt free. Rest of interior is hovered with vacuum and dash treated with Meguiar’s interior spray.

Engine bay: Pipes and black work treated with either bumper care/tyre gel or trim detailer. Metal polished with Meguiar's metal polish or Autosol. Thats pretty much all, then off for some photos usually !

Comments from Voters

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  • Seen this at a few vw shows,gorgeous vr6

  • Stunning condition golf,keep up the good work

  • Enjoyed the write up,seem pretty keen on your cleaning mate

  • Quality vr6 in top condition!

  • A work of art the way its finished!

  • Totally class car with the work put in.nice one

  • Really nice quality finish youve acheived

  • Great job scott! Gorgeous as always

  • Smashing work,Car looks really good.

  • Well worth a vote,looks great

  • Looks amazing being black showing off the shine

  • Spectacular glossy look youve managed to get on this car

  • Brilliant in every way possible,minted!

  • Extremely tidy golf you have here!

  • Terrific finish you have managed to achieve

  • Exceptional job in your detailing work

  • Extraordinary finish! Pure amazing

  • Beyond belief just how shiney that is!!!!!!!!!!

  • What an eye-catching machine! true beauty

  • Hard to believe the age of the car considering its body finish

  • Outstanding condition golf

  • Very Elegant ;)

  • Stunning finish on this,like very mcuh

  • Marvellous job done here by the looks. Wish you well.

  • Striking Golf! One of the best for sure

  • Simply Exquisite!

  • Absolutley love this car! Looks amazing with what you've done!!

  • Best colour to show its shine! Paintwork looks amazing!

  • Spotless condition! Have used r222 myself and love it!

  • 10 out of 10! Looks like you've really put in the time pal.

  • Time and effort deffinitly shows with your results. Good write up too. Nice one :)

  • Unbelievably clean example. Good show

  • Monster of a golf,looks immacculate aswell

  • Nice modifications from standard,really complete the car. Finish is gorgeous.

  • One of the nicest vr6's i have seen to date for sure!

  • A car of beauty. Good first picture to capture your work

  • Lush golf,clearly love your car

  • Outstanding condition, definitly a worthy winner!

  • Favourite model of golf they made. Glad to see some being kept in good condition.

  • Completely spotless. Awesome work.

  • If only all older cars were kept this standard,good luck,great effort

  • Looks like its just off the production line with that finish.

  • Top notch car. Beautifully finished off

  • Looks one of a kind. Spot on id say. Well done

  • Far superior than the rest. Clean winner

  • Looks better than showroom condition id say.

  • Superb detailing. Would love it

  • Magnificant condition. Good luck

  • Looks like new

  • This car has got to win. Just look at the finish on it.

  • Huge attention to detail,clearly the best.

  • superb work on the golf!!

  • Mirror Finish! good work

  • Sqweeky clean i bet :P

  • Nice vr6 mate, paintwork looks awesome

  • Realy like this,one of my favourites in the competition.

  • Class motor. Good job

  • Good write up fella. Paintwork looks really fresh

  • VAG all the way. Good to see someone who takes care of their car.

  • A clear winner!

  • Good photos to show it off! works well

  • Gleaming motor

  • Lush to the max. woodnt be driving it if i had a car looking that good lol

  • Good job buddy!

  • Out of this world,must of spend some amount of time.

  • Seen new cars not even that good

  • Tip top condition for a P reg mate

  • Reflection like no other there pal

  • Stunning mobile

  • Gorgeous car that. Hope you keep it like that!

  • Need a charger in that engine bay! Car great as always

  • Seen this a few times,always looks as good

  • What a beast of a machine. Good one scott

  • Almost as good as my civic mate

  • Good old tesco daisy lol

  • Glad to see not just the use of halfords products!!

  • Fancy doing mine :P

  • Beautiful finsish you have acheived

  • Going to try some of the methods youve said,hope i get the same results

  • Lovely looking mk3 that and the depth in the paintwork looks fantastic

  • Gabriella Golf is looking supppperrrbb!!!!!

  • I can practically see my face in it!!!

  • luv this car!

  • Pure Quality

  • Nice Job ;-)

  • this is a beautiful car. colour concepts ftw.

  • Gorgeous Golf

  • Smooooooooooookin!!!!!!!

  • a credit to vr6oc

  • stunning piece of kit fella

  • Need more golfs to be kept like this

  • Credit to volkswagens

  • Very High Standard

  • Splendid work

  • Love It

  • Awesome ;)

  • Mint!! Excellent job

  • Hope you win bud

  • Bit Special

  • High Standard of finish!

  • Lovely vr6 you have

  • Will need to try that r222

  • ;) Great standard as always scott

  • That wax certainly does the job

  • Write up must of taken you aslong as the work on car!

  • Good Luck Mate!!

  • Yum Yum

  • Gigidy Gigidy ooo Yeah!!

  • Bit differnt from what i usually like but :)

  • Beaut

  • Get my vote anyday

  • Quality Finish

  • Nice golf

  • Hooooooooooooooottttttt

  • seen this before,kept in good nick!!

  • I Like :) x

  • Thumbs Up!! Good luck

  • good use of the products on this

  • simply stunning

  • Good standard that!

  • Volkswagens Always! Good effort pal

  • Thats Brill

  • looks very nice man

  • You must have no life cleaning it like that! Looks good though

  • Awww superb. Makes me want my golf back!

  • Love This :D :D :D

  • Beautiful Golf

  • Gorgeous

  • Mega WIN

  • good shine off that

  • Always gleaming with the time spent on it.

  • Saw This At Loudon Show, Looked The Boy Thumbs Up

  • Nice mk3 you have there,finish is second to none

  • Minted! Very lush

  • Decent

  • cracking engine bay shot!

  • Nice car and write up, keep it up

  • Wow i could see my face in that,almost as good as my mk5 :P

  • What a nice clean car you have, nice and shiney :), go scott!

  • Shows You Spend The Time,Dedication x

  • Nice Deep Black. Very wet look.

  • Keep up the good work, Shiney :)

  • Nice job, doesnt look its age

  • Mmmm Shiney

  • Aye supose it no bad lol

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