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Honda Civic SR - Stuart McClelland - Winner December 2009

Entered for the December 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Stuart McClelland

Make: Honda

Model: Civic SR

Year: 1997

Viewed: 6396 times.

Votes/Comments: 56

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Honda Civic SR
Honda Civic SR
Honda Civic SR
Honda Civic SR

Products Used

How Stuart Used Our Products

Started out as a standard car which was then fully resprayed from green.

Engine: 1.6 SOHC D16 123bhp

Mods: 18" RVS Alloys, Full kit, engine dress up kit. Tinted Windows.

Car is generally kept in the condition shown as is my pride and joy.

Start by a general wash down, then washed with autoglym bodywork shampoo which I find gives a nice glossy finish. Rinsed down and dried with microfibre cloths.

Outside treated with autoglym extra gloss protection and any topping up daily is by Autoglym instant show shine which I highly recommend. For wax I found the R222 Concours Wax comes up amazing with black. A true real deep shine. Tyres treated with high gloss Meguiars. Love the smell of this. Does a great long lasting job.

Comments from Voters

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  • Good job,deserves top spot!

  • Need to try some of those products if thats what it achieves! Good effort!!

  • Nice car,spot on in every way. Good luck!

  • Amazing car! Looks really clean example. Keep up the good work!!

  • Great work,achieved a magnificant finish! #1 for sure.

  • Neat work on this,love show shine myself,quick and easy!!

  • Clear winner,amazing shine of it :-D

  • Stunning! Good luck mate!!!

  • Stands out from the crowd! Very different but looks superb.

  • Really does have the "concours" look

  • One of the better ones,really like it. Good on you.

  • Beautiful! Hope you win,car looks awesome

  • Nice one,deserve to win, good luck

  • Love it,seems to be kept really good. Nice stuff.

  • Good luck,as clean as always!

  • Lush. Woodnt be driving it if i had a car that clean.

  • Nice motor. Gets my vote anyday

  • Fantastic job! Lots of work by the looks of it.

  • Quality civic you have yourself.

  • Class coupe. Good job on the cleaning

  • Overall standard seems pretty high,got my vote

  • A car of beauty. Good pictures youve put up of it

  • Lovely car,shows youve really put the time in to get it like that!

  • Great job,car looks immaculate :)

  • Spot on car,looks like youve spent a good bit of time on it.

  • Nice engine bay, get a B16 in there :P Nice shine on the paint

  • Meguiars tyre gel is deffinitely the boy, use it myself and love it! Good luck.

  • Good luck, have our vote ;)

  • Stunning civic!! think iv seen it at a cruise before,looked just as good.

  • Paintwork looks really fresh! Keep it that way!

  • Nice car. Looks well kept. Keep meaning to try show shine.

  • Best colour to show its shine! Paintwork looks amazing!

  • Gorgeous, good work in getting it like that.

  • Can never get mine that shiney :( Good effort bud

  • Nice civic. One of the better replicas. Looks spotless

  • Seen this in real life, LOVE it :)

  • 10 out of 10! Looks like you've really put in the time pal.

  • Good luck,deserve to have a chance.

  • Beautiful! No other words to describe it.

  • A smashing job youve done there mate.

  • R222 is awesome,use it myself. Smart car.

  • nice piece of machinery. Good colour to polish up

  • Beautiful finish. Good luck

  • Nice car you have there,looks clean!

  • A simply stunning car. I like. Good use of products aswell.

  • ;) Great standard as always stuart. Cars immaculate.

  • Lovely civc you have. Looks like you keep it in good condition.

  • Completely spotless. Awesome work. Good luck

  • Looks like something out of the fast and the furious,good cleaning though.

  • Nice job,be hard to keep it that clean over winter!

  • Good effort car looks stunning in the pictures. Good luck!

  • Very High Standard of finish. Looks great

  • Good Luck Mate!! Cars gleaming

  • Exteremely smart car!

  • Class motor. Good job

  • Lovely deep shine you have achieved :)

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