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Mercedes C63 - Casper De

Entered for the November 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Casper De

Make: Mercedes

Model: C63

Year: 2012

Viewed: 1526 times.

Votes/Comments: 7

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Mercedes C63
Mercedes C63
Mercedes C63
Mercedes C63

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How Casper Used Our Products

The roads around here can be great for driving but now that the weather has turned, keeping the car looking its best can be a challenge, even with regular cleaning (see the 'before' photo). Luckily there still is the occasional good day to look after the car and protect it for winter. I start with the snow foam using a pressure washer to get rid of a lot of the dust and mud. After the car is rinsed off, I apply the fallout remover, leaving it to dwell and change colour before rinsing off. Then I apply the tar remover and rinse it off.

Using the two bucket method and the wash mitt, I wash from the roof down, leaving the wheels and exhausts, which are cleaned with the wheel mitt, until the end. Then I rinse the car and dry it using the drying towel.

Next, the car is clayed, rinsed and dried panel by panel. Then the paintwork is prepared using the cleanser, which I apply with a foam applicator and remove with a soft microfibre cloth. Then I apply a thin coat of the sealant to the car, panel by panel. After it has cured, the sealant is wiped off and the car is buffed with the soft buffing cloth. After an hour the sealant steps are repeated for a second coat of sealant.

The next steps are to polish the windows with the spray and a microfibre, before cleaning the interior by vacuuming and wiping down all the surfaces with soft, slightly damp microfibres. To finish off, once the sealant has fully cured, the car is treated with a few drops of Bathe+ on the damp wash mitt, rinsed off and dried. This gives each panel an additional layer of hydrophobic protection (and gloss), which is topped up with every wash. (It doesn't stop the car getting dirty but it does make it easier to clean)

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  • Great.

  • Love that beading!

  • Super job!

  • Love the shine and colour. (nice to see a before pic for comparison)

  • Lovely shine! Useful details in the narrative. Big difference between the before and after photos!

  • Lovely

  • Great finish great car!

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