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Vauxhall Astra - Gareth Morgan

Entered for the February 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Gareth Morgan

Make: Vauxhall

Model: Astra

Year: 2009

Viewed: 5690 times.

Votes/Comments: 219

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Vauxhall Astra

Products Used

How Gareth Used Our Products

I picked up my Vauxhall Astra about 4 months ago - in Olympic white it looks very clean and 'fresh'....But I heard many things about giving it a full detail yourself will increase the look of the car.

Step 1: Jet Wash Step 2: Snow Foam - Using ultimate snow foam Step 3: Wash - Using NXT car wash + Lambs wool wash Mitt Step 4: Dry - Using Meguiar’s Magnet Drying Towel Step 5: Car Paint Work prep - Using DODO juice Lime Prime Lite/using Meguiar’s applicator pads Step 6: Polish car - Using Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Polish/Meguiar’s applicator pads Step 7: Wax Car - Using DODO juice - Diamond White/using Meguiar’s applicator pads

Wipe over using a second Meguiar’s Magnet Drying Towel (as it is still soft enough not to scratch paint, but tough enough to remove any wax/polish still on the paint work)

After all this was completed (wiping it down after every stage) Face to Face with the car it was unbelievable, The shine and deepness of the paint I had not seen before (unless for the cars you see at show).

I’ve never had a white car before as it is very high maintenance to keep clean, pictures never do white cars justice...But using this 7step technique its shiny/paintwork is deep and the water just runs right off it. I would recommend using DODO juice products 100% for waxing the vehicle (dodo juice products do take about 15minutes to cure, but is well worth it, even resting a cotton towel on the bonnet slides right off due to the high quality of the products)

Comments from Voters

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  • serious shine on this baby. White looks mad on the astra thumbs up

  • i want wicked car mate

  • Love the astra looks awsome, clean and fresh

  • Great looking car ... especially in white !!

  • smart looking white astra!

  • nice car bruv! You deserve to win!!

  • -nice car - rattler

  • ....whats the story then?>....

  • sweet as

  • ice white i like it

  • lovely car

  • nice piece of kit

  • clean as can be

  • Whats the best products you have used?

  • A1

  • properjob

  • :O)))

  • Nice!

  • If i could have any standard car within reason - this would be it

  • Got my vote for sure

  • cant get more pullin power than this fresh mota ;)

  • got to win this

  • i like this car .... its sexy

  • perfect look, white is niceeeeeeeeeee. .

  • Joyful ... makes me smile when looking at this car

  • He deserves to win the best - he is the best!

  • very smart, very smooth and real eye catcher

  • how many applications did you use? real good job Gareth

  • Got my vote

  • gleeeemmmmiiinnnngggg

  • Lovely looking car


  • nice!!!!!!!!!

  • very white

  • A Grade

  • beautiful shine

  • A**

  • worth a win

  • ready or not....

  • damn good job!!!!!!

  • Perfect colour for this car - uncommon colour but gorjus

  • what makes it glisten so well?

  • top job matey

  • my vote""""

  • where's the sunglasses

  • water must run off

  • clean

  • Nice looking motor

  • A car i would class as classy and does not need chavy things to look nice - good 1

  • Nice detailing man = especially by hand

  • Smooth baby!!

  • smart car i like it

  • top quality finish

  • godd example of what a car should be like

  • my vote

  • Fresh

  • This is my next car wahooo it looks amazing

  • i would be proud to own that car

  • worth a vote

  • real nice detail

  • come do mine???

  • give me that car

  • bling bling!

  • very nice

  • B..E...A...UTIFUL

  • how the hell did you get white that shiny????

  • i vote....this one

  • top marks


  • just like a mirror

  • perfect detail

  • Rather nioce

  • SwEeT

  • VOTE

  • Quality show

  • i like - vote

  • how do you have the patience??

  • im going to purchase this car and producats you have used - YOUVE SHOWN ME THE WAY LOL

  • clean my car plz

  • Classy car

  • Time + Effort = WIN

  • top marks

  • Keep up good work

  • deffo got my vote

  • have my support mate - nice job

  • on you mate!!

  • nice car

  • got to win

  • got my vote mate

  • my vote

  • like the reflection

  • its looks so nice - want more pictures!!

  • i adore it!!

  • nice ride

  • nice - my vote

  • Another vote for you, good luck

  • top car

  • my vote

  • :) nice

  • well worth my vote

  • MANIAC!!

  • my voote

  • Pure Detail

  • The Glare is amazing

  • nice car

  • wicked bruv!

  • ossum!


  • like this car!!

  • Got to win

  • Bring the car to astra cruise - your show focus was nuts man - but this is standard and looks fresh

  • Want to see more cars looked after like this - so rear in white!

  • 'we bring the women and the cars out' LOL chick magnet mayynnn!!

  • you deserve a win mate - after everything - i have my fingers crossed luvie!!!

  • on it like sonic!!!

  • got my vote boyo

  • fingers crossed....

  • look at the reflection of the white gate - to mirror a white gate on a white car - real hard work



  • 666 - NICE

  • Needs to win - not the same boring dark colours - something fresh and different

  • i can see alot of hard work has gone into this

  • Smooth like glass

  • Love the colour


  • Far nicer than any other car...because its white and really clean

  • behind you mate

  • Always in for a vote

  • pure my vote

  • gorjus!!!!!

  • nice work - doing it by hand so more satisfying

  • ....#1

  • very clean indeed

  • do my car???

  • .......

  • vote

  • Got mY vote mate


  • go go go

  • 1 - my vote

  • low rider.....number 1

  • Has to be the shinest/clean white car ive seen in a long time

  • so sweet

  • how clean can you go

  • where do you find the time. She looks lovely hope you win

  • Give me that shine - deserve to win nice astra

  • Voted for ya G

  • proper fresh mate - deserve the win

  • ive voted - =)

  • my vote

  • wash my car

  • Good Luck - Thumbs up.....

  • Got my vote Gareth

  • let it rain lol - only kiddin - niceone son

  • NUMBER 1!!!

  • Got this vote matey

  • push it real good lol

  • DO MINE!!!

  • Got My Support!


  • get on the win mate

  • getting every1 vote now!!!

  • sweet!!!!

  • win win win

  • got my vote

  • to the top!!!

  • :O)

  • sick, gets my vote everytime

  • sexy car!! defo got my vote!

  • the 1!!!


  • deserve a win

  • Got my vote!

  • Definately got my vote! Very tidy!

  • Liking it Bro

  • Forget the rest - deserves a win because of the colour!!!!

  • 1 - GOT MY VOTE

  • Deserves a win


  • Got my Vote

  • NICE ONE !!

  • nice one!!!

  • NICE ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • got my number mate (i vote this 1 lol)

  • got my vote!!!!!

  • nice

  • very clean

  • smooth

  • so easily to get deep shine dark colours - hard to achieve on ice white-gud job

  • 1st time on the site - luv white

  • come - white is cleanest cut ever

  • luvin it

  • not bad - good shimma

  • 1

  • Banging mota

  • keep it up bez

  • WOW - DM

  • clean !!

  • defo got my vote

  • Got my vote!

  • looking sick mate!

  • thumbs up

  • =] fresh

  • its Tik! You get my vote Bruv....

  • wish i could keep a white car so clean

  • it looks sooooooooo clean

  • Very Nice :)

  • quality car, great shine

  • cant beat this

  • *Got My Vote

  • a++

  • good choice of products

  • Very clean

  • Got my vote a+

  • High Quality Shine - Very Hard To Achieve On Lighter Colour Cars

  • Nice shine, looks really good

  • nice shine really hard to achieve on white cars

  • Good Shine - Very Hard To Achieve On Lighter Colours

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