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Renault Clio 200 - Gregory Berry

Entered for the June 2017 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Gregory Berry

Make: Renault

Model: Clio 200

Year: 2009

Viewed: 1220 times.

Votes/Comments: 5

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Renault Clio 200
Renault Clio 200
Renault Clio 200

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How Gregory Used Our Products

This is my Renault Clio 200 in Albi Blue. I bought this car just under two years ago and it is my pride and joy. I decided to give it the works.

I first started with the interior. A quick vacuum was done to pick up any loose debris and then proceeded to wet-vac the carpets to remove any sand and grit embedded in the carpet. I cleaned the leather seats with Auto Finesse Hide which leaves a nice satin finish. I wiped down all the interior plastics with 50Cal Interior Dressing leaving a matte finish and a delicious berry smell. The glass was cleaned with Auto Finesse Crystal.

I then started on the outside, firstly with the wheels. I used Autosmart Smart Wheels on the alloys and the tyres, leaving the alloys spotless and the tyres ready for tyre dressing later. Bilt Hamber snow foam is my snow foam of choice as, while it doesn't look as fancy, it is the best cleaning snow foam on the market. I let that dwell while preparing the wash and rinse buckets. For shampoo, I use Car Chem 1900:1 - 40ml of shampoo to 20L of water cleans brilliantly and also gives good suds. You can use less, but I like bubbles.

My process involved rinsing off the snow foam, then reapplying it to give more lubrication when using the two bucket method. I then went to town with the wash mitt and finally rinsed off.

The next stage was decontamination. I used Autosmart Red7 to remove the small amount of metal fallout on the car, and then Autosmart Tardis to remove the tiny tar specs. You can literally see it melting off the paint. I then applied AutoFoam to neutralise the chemicals and rinsed it all off. I then used the Bilt Hamber Soft Clay bar to remove any left over embedded contaminants.

A final rinse and the I dried the car with the excellent In2Detailing Drinker Drying Towel. Next stage was refining. I used the DAS6 Pro with Menzerna 2200 and an Orange Hex Logic Pad and Menzerna 3800 and a White Hex Logic pad. I only brought out Menzerna 400 for deep scratches. This then left the car 95% swirl free and ready for wax.

My choice of wax this time was Collinite 845. It is very easy to apply, 3 dots on an applicator will do an entire bonnet, and very easy to remove after 15 minutes curing. I topped this off with Sonax BSD, which gives insane beading making it easier to dry. I applied Valet Pro Black To The Future to the tyres which leaves a satin finish.

Finally, I cleaned the glass with Auto Finesse Crystal and a dedicated glass cloth and applied AngelWax H2GO Glass Sealant.

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  • You can do mine next!!

  • Great car

  • Looks fab!

  • Great looking car!

  • Great shine!

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