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BMW 320 i Coupe - Neil Tulloch

Entered for the September 2008 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Neil Tulloch

Make: BMW

Model: 320 i Coupe

Year: 1993

Viewed: 6179 times.

Votes/Comments: 113

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BMW 320 i Coupe
BMW 320 i Coupe
BMW 320 i Coupe

Products Used

How Neil Used Our Products

Owning a metallic black car is hard enough to keep clean and shiny at the best of times, but one that is over 14 years old is even harder as you can imagine. First thing I do is wash the car with shampoo and a Zymol Sponge from top to bottom leaving the bottom half till last. Then I rinse off the car with an open hose, this allows most of the water to run off the car before drying. I then dry the car using a waffle weave towel. On this occasion the car was then polished by machine to remove any swirls and wash marks. The next stage was to go over again with a final polish. I then chose to go over it with Poor Boys Blackhole Glaze before applying a coat of Zymol Concours wax. The alloys were cleaned with soap and water and sealed with Autoglym Wheel Seal. Tyres dressed with Blackfire Tyre Gel and the trim dressed with Meguiars All Season Dressing. Leather was treated with Zymol Leather cleaner and conditioner, windows were cleaned with Autoglym Window Polish.

Comments from Voters

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  • wish my car looked like this well done neil

  • nice car great finnish

  • no way

  • mad

  • super

  • proud

  • great car

  • nice

  • sick

  • excellent

  • super

  • want it

  • ace

  • Great car

  • ace

  • what can i say

  • great

  • fanststic

  • love it

  • Go Neil

  • come on neil

  • one of the nicest E36's around

  • cracking finish and great car to boot

  • Too much like hard work for me - but brill finish

  • come on neil

  • I like it, I like it a lot !

  • shiny black!!! smashing

  • Nice

  • like it

  • wow!!

  • Lovely!!

  • Smart

  • Nice!!!

  • super

  • Nice

  • Stunning!

  • shiny!

  • great

  • amazing

  • Nice car :o)

  • motor looks even better in the flesh a credit to its owner

  • So nice looking

  • where's my sunglasses???????????

  • BMW's always shine :)

  • A great example :-)

  • lovely motor.An E36 at its best

  • BM's rule!!! Best of luck with the comp!

  • Sweet looking ride dude..

  • A+ Good looking motor

  • Love this car

  • very nice, best I've seen so far..

  • Nice! Keep it up...

  • Good luck

  • most shiney

  • Very Nice indeed!!

  • nice car really good fotos

  • superb

  • What a shine

  • Very impressive, well done

  • Brill

  • Always a great looking car. Good luck Neil.

  • It just goes to show that you can actually polish a turd.

  • Awesome!!!

  • Some finish mate, shame it doesn't last long in the Scottish weather!

  • My favourite model of BM the e36 and you have done it proud!

  • Very nice, reflections like that take a fair bit of Elbow Grease. Cracking looking motor too.

  • Lovin it!!!

  • Seen this car in the flesh and the level of care taken is fantastic

  • Nice motor, lovely finish, keep up the good work!

  • very very nice neil

  • Fantastic

  • Nice car Neil, very very shineeeeey!!!!

  • Amazing Shine There,and some fantastic out door shots

  • superb looking motor

  • Nice looking car and great shine Bud Bud

  • Simply the best car in this comp

  • Beautiful - but mind the seagulls!!

  • Crouching like a Panther...What a shine

  • shiny shiny!!!

  • Not as clean as mine,but a worthy winner all the same

  • Stunning finish, good depth of reflection too, Credit to you.

  • Immaculate for it's age

  • If cars could talk this one would have some story to tell...Stunning

  • Very smart car this

  • If i were a car i would be this one

  • Nice Schnitzer

  • Ma Club

  • Excellent shine

  • Simply the best

  • ACE

  • Brill

  • What a Car

  • Saw this car at Gaydon..A true well polished up machine

  • Even better in the metal, truly a work of art and an inspiration to E36 owners everywhere

  • jin says lovely motor

  • sweet ride

  • This car is superb BMWCCSCOTLAND

  • You have done a great job there..You should get a prize for the photo alone

  • ooooh shiny :)

  • Clean, tidy car

  • looks the berries right enough!

  • I love the smell of polish in the morning!

  • Can't believe a 14 year old car can look this good! Well played.

  • E36s are the way forward. Lovely car this.

  • Truely superb car

  • What`s the Down Neil....Amazing looking car

  • This is the best entrant i have seen

  • Can you do mine?

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing Photos

  • Look at the shine and reflections on this,A real credit to the owner

  • This car is the Dogs

  • OMG what a shine

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