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Meguiar's Detailer Last Touch Spray Detailer (3.78L)

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Meguiars Detailer Last Touch Spray Detailer (3.78 Litres)
Price: £42.95
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Last Touch Spray Detailer.

Meguiars Last Touch Spray Detailer produces incredible depth, shine and gloss.

This spray-on, wipe-off product has a unique blend of polymer lubricating agents that gently remove dust, fingerprints, smudges and other contaminants leaving a flawless, showroom shine.

  • Enhances gloss & reflectivity
  • Safely removes smudges, fingerprints & other contaminants
  • Safe for paint, plastic, chrome & vinyl
  • Ideal detailing clay lubricant
  • Dilution Ratio - 1:1

Easy-to-use, spray directly onto a cool surface and wipe off with a Supreme Shine Microfiber (recently awarded 4 stars by AutoExpress magazine).

Size: 3.78 Litres

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 11 Jul 2015

Excellent PRoduct

Really good product, leaves an excellent deep shine with minimal buffing ....

five stars 01 May 2015

Makes drying car simple

Have found this product brilliant to help dry the car in conjunction with a water magnet trying towel. It ensures you don't get any water marks especially on darker paintwork

Leo Heaps
five stars 19 Jul 2010

Last Touch spray detailer

Brilliant product, easy to use and does what it says on the tin --- comments made at recent show regarding the shine on my Vectra.

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