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Nissan 350z - Michael Robinson

Entered for the July 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Michael Robinson

Make: Nissan

Model: 350z

Year: 2004

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Nissan 350z
Nissan 350z
Nissan 350z

Products Used

How Michael Used Our Products

Steps for my 3-month full detail include (exterior only as I clean the interior every week)
- Rinse with Karcher
- Snow foam entire car
- Rinse with Karcher
- 2 bucket method wash using Megs shampoo plus and lambs wool wash mitt (in megs buckets with grit guards)
- Rinse with open-ended hose
- Use Megs APC in spray bottle with foam head and Megs slide lock brush for all badges/gaps between panels and light clusters/inside petrol cap/nooks and crannies
- Mellow yellow in a spray bottle and clean wheels using EZ wheel brush/megs slide lock brush
- Use Megs APC in spray bottle with foam head and Kent noodle wash mitt for all door shuts/boot lid inners/under bonnet/etc
- Dry with water magnet towel
- Clay car with Meg’s quik detail kit
- Rinse with open-ended hose
- Dry with Megs water magnet towel
- Apply lime prime to a panel, then another, then buff the first panel and so on (megs high tech applicator pads/microfibre cloths)
- Wax using same method of application as lime prime using purple haze wax (megs high tech applicator pads/microfibre cloths)
-Leave car for minimum of 12-18 hours and then apply dodo juice red mist.
-Stand back and admire the shine/take some photos.

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