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Ford Focus - Anthony Ogden

Entered for the October 2008 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Anthony Ogden

Make: Ford

Model: Focus

Year: 2007

Viewed: 5114 times.

Votes/Comments: 16

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Ford Focus

Products Used

How Anthony Used Our Products

First hose the car down with just water, getting the brake dust from the wheels. attatched the foam gun and cover car with Snowfoam. give the Snowfoam a few mins to soak in and then bucket of water with car shampoo in (Costco Shampoo) and a sponge and wash the car. Once finished the car hose down and proceed to the wheels with various sponges and brushes to get everything you can see clean. Hose down the whole car again. use the plastic squeege to get excess water off. Wipe dry and apply Poorboys Swirl Remover, leave and wipe off, as with Dodo Juice Lime Prime and Blue Velvet. Apply Rain-X to exterior windows and wipe away 3 times after with clean Meguiars Microfibres. Finally apply Autoglym Bumber Care to all plastics on the exterior and leave.

Move onto inside. Hover every bit of carpet and seats. Spray foam interior, boot seats carpets and mats, and wipe down with wet Microfibre. Spray all interior surfaces with interior spray, and wipe down.

Move onto windows inside and apply Glass Cleaner and wipe again with 3 clean Microfibres. Hang new car scent air freshner to indicator lever, and close all doors, open the bonnet and clean with wet Microfibre then apply Autoglym Bumber Care to all plastics and use interior foam on carpet material on underside of bonnet and wipe clean.

Finally give another coat of Dodo Juice Blue Velvet by hand and wipe clean using Microfibre then dress the tyres.

Stand back after 4 hours of labour with the biggest smile on my face.

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  • gleaming

  • yum yum

  • lovely motor

  • x2...

  • nice

  • amazing

  • beautifully cleaned

  • brilliant shine for a black car

  • Sexy!

  • Real nice

  • Gorgeous car

  • Beautiful

  • Got my vote!

  • nice finish! really shiny by far the best

  • lovely xx

  • stunning

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