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Blue Velvet Hard Wax (30ml & 250ml)

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Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax Standard (250ml)
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Colour-Charged Hard Wax For Dark Coloured Cars.

Given the success of Purple Haze (the soft wax for dark coloured cars) and Banana Armour (the first hard wax launched by Dodo Juice), it was only natural that a hard wax for dark coloured cars would follow. Blue Velvet is the result - a hard wax blend of carnauba and montan waxes blended to give an even deeper, impossibly glossy wet-look shine.

Before applying a wax, always ensure paintwork is properly prepared with either Lime Prime or Lime Prime Lite.

Key ingredients: Carnauba Wax, Montan Wax, Jojoba Oil

Sizes: 30ml & 250ml (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - STD

Customer Reviews

five stars 24 Nov 2015

Love it

This was my first purchase into the world of dodo juice and I am very impressed. The wax is easy to apply (even easier with the finger mit), and to my surprise it smelled like a sweet shop. I wax by hand so was quite happy with the amount of effort required to apply and buff off, super easy. The results are the best I have seen and I will definitely buy this again. The shine on my metallic black paint is now the envy of my neighbours... If you have a dark car give this a go and you will not be disappointed.

Russell Pavey
five stars 04 May 2015

Don't eat the wax!! JK

I recently purchased Dodo juice blue velvet..... First of all the don't eat the wax no even though it smells better than your favourite pick n mix sweets lol. Seriously though great product I would recommend using it on darker coloured cars. Easy to apply doesn't bake onto the car so makes it easy to buffer off unlike other waxes I've used. A little of this product goes along way and lasts a long time if you wash your car regularly you will see the wax doing its job as you start to hose down your car you can just see the water beading off of the paint where the wax is protecting it! Class product brings a deep shine to your paintwork whilst providing protection against tree sap, road grime etc all this gunk just washes off with ease after using this product. 5 STAR all rounder from me. 1* for the smell 2* ease of use not baking on. 3* longevity of product a little goes a long way and lasts a long time. 4* value doesn't cost as much as the car lol. 5* the overall finish it gives the car, deep clear finish..... Possibly THE ULTIMATE FINISH.

four stars 11 Oct 2011

Great Wax

This is a very good wax that is easy to use, smells nice and produces a smooth glossy shine.

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