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Car Detailing Brushes - by Geist

Car detailing brushes are a vital part of the detailing process. From safe wheel and caliper brushes to convertible hood brushes, leather, and interior detailing brushes. Some are also designed to gently lift dust and dirt out of hard to reach areas on a car. These are fantastic at cleaning air vents, grilles, head, or tail light casings, badges, emblems, and dashboards.

Unlike conventional paint brushes or trade brushes, detailing brushes are made of more selected materials to be both gentle on your car and strong enough to shift the dirt. Car detailing brushes are now available in multiple sizes and bristle types to match your detailing requirements. From super soft brushes like the Kamikaze Collection Hagakure to the Valet Pro Chemical Resistant . Matching the correct detailing brush to the area of your car or to the cleaning process required, will lead to an easier car cleaning experience.

Softer, narrow bristles are incredible for tighter areas of your car where you have to be delicate to not damage any paintwork. For exterior door shuts or panel gaps, a hog hairbrush can be a great tool, with the absorbent bristles holding onto more of the cleaner and the strength of the hairs able to tolerate the dirties of cleans. For the majority of the detailing work, a good 1-inch detailing brush with an average length handle will tackle most of the jobs required. Just remember to choose an ultra soft bristle for more careful jobs, and a sash or hog hair for the dirtier areas.

Have a collection of different brush types and sizes will make lighter work of valeting and detailing your car. Grab yourself a detailing brush kit to keep the interior & exterior jobs separate. Note that wheel brushes should only every be used for the wheels, and store them separately from any other detailing brushes.

These detailing brushes will be great for the tight areas on car alloys, such as the valve or wheel nuts. For the barrel or face of the wheel, it would be better to use a specific wheel cleaning brush to reach into those areas.