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Geist Interior & Leather Cleaning Brush

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Geist Leather Cleaning Brush
Geist Interior & Leather Cleaning Brush
Geist Interior & Leather Cleaning Brush
Geist Interior & Leather Cleaning Brush
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Quality Interior Leather Cleaning Brush

To reach into the pores of leather you need a good quality leather interior cleaning brush to accompany your leather cleaner. A microfibre cloth or towel won't reach into the grain of the leather and some specialist cleaning sponges can be a little too aggressive on the top leather coating.

The 12cm Geist leather cleaning brush, the smaller of the Geist leather brushes is ideal for the tighter, hard to reach areas on your cars' interior. Not only can this brush be used on your car's interior but also on any other cloth upholstery, small leather goods, boots, shoes, and lots more.

This brush is made with synthetic bristles that are stiff enough to lift dirt and grime from the leather texture but not so stiff that they mark the surface. 20 mm long synthetic bristles are densely and securely packed into a solid wooden handle – the bristles do not shed and make cleaning quick and easy.

Why synthetic bristles?

Natural bristles may be softer, but they generate hear when rubbed over a surface, great for polishing and making a surface shiny such as shoes but not great for your car leather seats. Synthetic bristles are gently enough but also firm enough to clean a textured surface without polishing it to a shine. Another advantage is the lack of cuticles, so the bristles don't waste cleaner by absorbing it.


  • Synthetic bristles for better cleaning power
  • Easy grip handle for ergonomic use
  • Wooden handle for longevity
  • 20mm long bristle
  • 12cm long

How To Use:

  • Apply Geist Rapid Leather & Vinyl Cleaner to the surface
  • Gently work the cleaner into the texture in small areas
  • Wipe off the excess cleaner with a clean microfibre cloth
  • Clean your brush after use with warm water and normal dish soap
  • Dry the wooden handle immediately with a cloth

Size: 12cm x 4cm

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