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All Purpose Microfibre

Multi Purpose Microfibres can be used for most jobs around your car, be it exterior polish application and buffing or interior cleaning. Any detailer is to have an extensive range of microfibres at their disposal to complete all areas of detailing a car. The one they will use the most will be a standard multipurpose detailing microfibre.

Normally around 40cm square and 20-30% polyamide these cloths can be used to apply polish to your car's paintwork, removing residue, glass cleaning, interior cleaning, engine bay cleaning, even the removal of sealants applied to the paintwork.

Multipacks can be helpful as the microfibres being very absorbent will end up smearing product everywhere if they are “full”. Swap it out for a fresh cloth to complete the job at hand, after use a microfibre wash to effectively remove any product residues without damaging the microfibre.

What are the different weaves of microfibre

Standard, waffle, loop, knot, twisted, pearl and scale (zero pile) are the most common found in detailing cloths.

  • Standard will be found in most microfibres and is good across all uses.
  • Waffle is better for quick water absorbancy and is a thinner weave.
  • Loop, Knot or Twisted are similar, typically found in drying towels they offer the safety of a standard weave and the quick absorbancy of a waffle.
  • Pearl, a much tighter weave, normally better to prevent buffer trails when removing residue.
  • Scale or zero pile are suited only to glass, no pile stops smears but if used on paintwork could cause scratching.