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Microfibre Wash

Prolong the life of your microfibre cloths, towels, and applicators. A microfibre wash product gently removes residues, then protects structure and functionality. Unlike other clothes detergents microfibre wash has been design specific to remove the residues associated with detailing and valeting your car without damaging your microfibres.

You may find that after putting your microfibres in the washing machine and adding your normal detergent they still come out with product residue on them. This is because the normal detergents are design to remove dirt typically found on clothing such as mud, sweat, and bacteria. You need different detergents to break down polish, wax, or road grime which can be much more oily.

Another key factor is not to use any fabric softness as these will damage your microfibre cloth. Keeping your microfibres separate and wash them with just a microfibre wash keeps them in the best condition for use on the car over and over again.

Although you can use this as an extra additive in your microfibre wash you can't use it just on its own. The white vinegar being acidic can break down calcium and magnesium residue, but it won't touch some polish or wax residue that can build up in the cloth.

Soda crystals are superb degreasers and if your microfibre is particular bad (such as one used on the undercarriage of a car) it may be beneficial to add some into the wash along with the microfibre wash. However, if you have used this processed, it is recommended only to use this microfibres for the dirtier jobs where scratch is not an issue. It is best not to do this process with your premium buffing fleeces.