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Deox Gel Rust Remover (1kg)

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Bilt-Hamber Deox Gel Rust Remover (1Kg)
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Removes Rust From Large Areas.

Deox Gel is a highly viscous, paste-like gel designed to remove rust from large surface areas without further contaminating the steel or attacking sound steel components.

Features & Benefits:

  • Thick, viscous formulation clings to vertical surfaces
  • No need to rub down surface prior to application
  • Works even on heavily rusted steel
  • Non-toxic & biodegradable
  • Can be applied & left unattended
  • Does not destroy, warp or distort even thin steel surfaces
  • Unreactive with glass, plastics, aluminium & chrome
  • Download: Bilt-Hamber Deox Gel Rust Remover Product Information

Deox Gel is easy to use:

  • 1) Use Surfex HD to degrease the surface to be treated
  • 2) Apply Deox Gel & spread in a THICK layer using a brush or spatula
  • 3) Cover with plastic film to ensure moisture retention
  • 4) Gel will change colour through absorption of corroded material
  • 5) Agitate with stiff plastic bristle brush & rinse with cool water
  • 6) Steel surface will be free of corrosion & ready for protective coating

Deox Gel should be left for a minimum of 12 hours to allow to work. More heavily corroded steel may require longer dwell time.

Size: 1Kg

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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