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UF Premium Microfibre Buffing Fleece 10 Pack (40x40cm)

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Ultimate Finish UF Premium Microfibre Buffing Fleece 10 Pack (40x40cm)
Ultimate Finish Premium Microfibre Cloth 10 Pack
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UF Direct - Clean Technology

Highly Absorbent, Super Soft, Non-Scratch.

Microfibre cloths are a vital detailing commodity. The UF Non-Scratch microfibre cloths 10 pack have a 300gsm weight composed of a genuine 30% polyamide, so will not introduce scratches or marring to even the softest of paint finishes. The other 70% is polyester for high strength and durability. As a result, these high-quality microfibres are the ideal all-purpose cloths for the busy detailer and the car care enthusiast alike.

Many jobs around detailing a car will require a microfibre to either buff away residue or as an easy form of apply product to any surface. A key component to all of these uses is to have a quality microfibre. Cheaper supermarket microfibres may be ok for dusting a counter top but will fall down very quickly when it comes to use on your car. The polyimide rating for softness is vital to ensure no addition swirls and scratches are added to the vehicle whist cleaning, polishing, or waxing. A low polyamide rating below 20% will most likely introduce these types of marks. Our Premium Microfibre Buffing Fleece has a high 30% to combat this problem.

Thickness and size is another element to consider for your microfibre cloth, thicker is not always better if you are removing residue or apply cleaners. A thicker microfibre or higher GSM may absorb too much product and not allow it to combat the dirt on the car's surface. Also, if there is a lot of say polish residue to remove, it is much more efficient to use a smaller cloth such as these Premium Microfibre Buffing Fleece. Allow them to shift the majority of the product and then use a final thicker microfibre like the Super Plush to buff away that last bit for a superior high shine.

Use UF Non-Scratch Microfibres for:

  • Removing polishes
  • Buffing waxes & sealants
  • Buffing quick detailers
  • Glass cleaning
  • Drying


  • 40x40cm
  • 30% Polyamide (Softness)
  • 70% Polyester (Strength)
  • 300gsm premium weight
  • Part of a colour code system to reduce cross contamination
  • 10 Pack

How To Use:

  • It is best to fold into 4
  • Remove residue with one side
  • Flip then buff away remaining excess for a clear finish
  • When one side is saturated, fold over to reveal the fresh faces
  • Machine wash after use, DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENERS

Colours: Dark Blue, Grey, Red & Black (Select from drop down menu above)


IMPORTANT: Strong dye may run with certain car cleaners that can strip dyes, wash separately. Lighter colours are less likely to experience colour run.

Customer Reviews

Joe Huntley
five stars 20 Feb 2024


A plain old basic microfiber cloth can often be overlooked. I myself have been the person to purchase a massive bundle of a well know yellow cloth.... But not no more! The 70/30 is just perfect for absorption and remaining soft. It will do everything you throw at it and washes great. Don't forget these do not have labels in the need ripping out! I started with a ten pack of red and by the second cloth realised I now need every colour multiple times over! If you have not used this and you are currently using yellow branded cloths with massive labels, stop. Buy these!

five stars 20 Oct 2017

Good stuff

perfectly good MF for just over £2

five stars 19 Jul 2013

Quality MF

Quality microfibres that are great to use and well worth the price compared to some Ive used.

five stars 25 Mar 2011


These are a bargain. Perfectly decent MF clothes.

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