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Grit Guard™ - Bucket Filter System

Grit Guard™ - Bucket Filter System

Grit Guard manufactures grids that fit in the bottom of the wash bucket and form part of the system that helps prevent introducing scratches and swirls into paintwork during the wash process.

Rubbing a wash mitt across a Grit Guard will release grime and dirt particles from the pile, allowing them to sink to the bottom of the bucket and inhibiting them from floating around in the water. This helps prevent the contamination from being reintroduced to the paintwork – a leading cause of the swirl marks that quickly dull paintwork gloss.

Grit Guards are available in a variety of colours for those who like to keep their wash water, rinse water and wheel wash water separate. Corresponding colour-coded buckets are also available.

View the UF range of buckets featuring the Grit Guard™ Filter System here.