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Grit Guard™ Bucket Filter System (Black)

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Grit Guard Bucket Filter System (Black)
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Swirls and fine scratches are most commonly introduced during the washing process. Make your wash or rinse water significantly safer using the Grit Guard™ Bucket Filter System.

Grit Guard™ creates a protective barrier which keeps dirt and debris at the bottom of the bucket, leaving the water above free from particles which could transfer back to your wash mitt or sponge, and then on to your paint!

Features & Benefits:

  • Creates a defence barrier trapping dirt at the bottom of your bucket
  • Brush the wash mitt or sponge across the face of Grit Guard to release particles
  • Diameter 263mm
  • Height 63mm
  • Outer ring can be trimmed to fit smaller buckets
  • Lifetime Guarantee !!

Using a pre-wash non-contact cleaning system such as Ultimate Snow Foam & Ultimate Snow Foam Lance will further reduces the risk of introducing scratches and swirls. Ultimate Snow Foam is a high foaming product which lifts larger dirt particles away from the surface of the paintwork allowing them to be rinsed away prior to starting the wash process.

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