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RUPES has been leading the way in machine polishing tool technology since its launch in 1951. In 2008, they launched the first polisher with a 10mm throw – far larger than had previously been seen on a dual-action machine. With a rich history and their headquarters and factory based in Vermezzo, Italy; many of the machines are manufactured directly on site with precision tooling. Their product range reaches far beyond just the detailing market showing they have leading knowledge in virtually anything power tools.

In 2010, the BigFoot brand took shape; this range offered two dual action polishers with differently sized throws. The LHR21ES with a 21mm throw, ideal for body shops needing to cover large areas quickly; and the LHR15ES with a 15mm throw, aimed at the professional car detailing market. Since their successful launch we have seen countless new models added, including the Mille Gear Driven, iBrid Nano and HLR75 Cordless Polisher. Some original machines have had continuous improvements over the years with the original LHR15ES now on a MK III version.

Rupes do not just manufacturer the tools for polishing a car but also have some of the best developed compounds and pads specifically designed to complement the motion and speeds of their polishers. Pick up the compounds and pads separately or if you are starting out, and the with your chosen machine polisher. Everything you genuinely need to get started as either an enthusiast or professional detailer.

Key Products and Tools

Rupes offers a range of exceptional products and tools designed to meet the needs of professional detailers and car enthusiasts alike. At the forefront of their line-up is the BigFoot product line, which includes high-performance polishers capable of delivering outstanding results. The LHR15 machine polisher is a standout tool from Rupes. With its large throw and versatility, it can handle various detailing tasks with ease. It ensures efficient and effective correction and polishing, making it a favourite among professionals. For those tight and hard-to-reach areas, the LHR75 machine polisher is an excellent choice, with a 75mm backing plate and short throw it can make light work of most splitters and small paintwork sections. Despite its small size, it doesn't compromise on performance, offering the same level of quality and precision as its larger counterparts, maybe even more cut on the higher speeds.

Rupes also introduces innovation through the iBrid Nano, a handheld tool that combines the functionality of a dual action polisher and rotary. This battery operated tool is perfect for precise and detailed work, allowing users to achieve exceptional results by tackling those areas that no other polisher can get to.

Polishes and pads

Rupes' pad and polish assortment is designed to match their polisher line, assuring optimal performance and great results. The Blue Coarse Pad is well-known for its cutting strength and ability to properly eliminate significant swirl marks in as little as one pass. It's ideal for recovering highly damaged or oxidised paintwork and then refining out with its diminishing abrasives to leave little holograms to refine. Rupes' Yellow Fine Pad is an excellent choice for refining and finishing. To produce a high gloss and faultless finish, you will always need a second step after a deep cut to result in a mirror surface finish. Microfiber Polishing Pads are available from Rupes in all levels of cut. These pads have great cutting and finishing capabilities than most foam pads, making them a popular choice among professionals looking for outstanding results. They can create more dust than a traditional pad so may only be required for heavier jobs. Rupes has developed comprehensive detailing systems that combine their polishers, pads, and polishes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. The BigFoot Dual Action (DA) System is a prime example of this, providing a coordinated approach to achieving desired outcomes. One of Rupes' notable offerings is the HLR75 Battery Polisher. This cordless polisher provides the convenience of portability without compromising on performance. It's an excellent tool for smaller detailing tasks or areas where corded polishers may be inconvenient.


Is Rupes polish any good?

  • Rupes polish is highly regarded in the automotive detailing community. Its quality and performance consistently deliver exceptional results, making it a trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Are Rupes Pads good?

  • Rupes pads are known for their exceptional quality and effectiveness. Designed to work in harmony with Rupes polishers, they provide optimal performance and help achieve desired outcomes. Plus at a very reasonable price they are hard to beat.

Which Rupes pad do I need?

  • Selecting the right Rupes pad depends on your specific detailing requirements. The Blue Coarse Pad is suitable for heavy defects, the Yellow Fine Pad is ideal for refining and finishing, and the Microfiber Polishing Pads offer exceptional cutting and finishing capabilities for more advanced users.

Which Rupes Machine Polisher Do I Need?

  • Choosing the right Rupes polisher depends on the scale and type of detailing work you'll be undertaking. The LHR15 is great for the majority of the vehicle and will get through the job quicker. The LHR75 is perfect for tight and hard-to-reach areas. Both will be required for a full detailing job but if you have to pick one the LHR15 is the better choice.

What is the best professional machine polisher?

  • The Bigfoot LHR15 MK3 is certainly the flagship model with the LHR75 following up as it smaller cousin. Rupes also offer class leading specialist machines such as the Gear Driven Mille and LH19E Rotary.

Do I need a Mark 1 Rupes Polisher or Mark 3?

  • The Mark 3 machines are simply more powerful, smoother and a nicer machine to hold. If you are a professional or keen enthusiast, look no further than these models. If you are just starting out but don’t want a cheap knock off machine polisher, the MK1s' maybe a better choice; the reduced power is a little safer, but the quality is still there to keep the machine going for years.

Get your top-up pads and polishes at Ultimate Finish and when you need to invest in either your first machine polisher or just want an upgrade, contact us for help in choosing. Rupes has earned its reputation as a leader in the car detailing industry, and we are here to support you in all of your machine polishing needs.

RUPES warrants that their power tools shall be free from material or workmanship defects for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.