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Hog Brush Kit (2 Pack)

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Dodo Juice Hog Brush Kit (2 Pack)
Dodo Juice Hog Brush Kit (2 Pack)
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Natural Bristle Hog's Hair Detailing Brushes

The Hog's hair detailing brush are simply one of the best accessories you can use when it comes to detailing. With their softer, natural bristles compared to synthetic nylon alternatives, they still manage to be plenty stiff enough to effectively clean the targeted surface thoroughly and at a good pace.

The Hog Brush Kit (2 Pack) from Dodo Juice is ideal for use on wheels, plastic grilles or engine bays. You can even use a clean one on interiors, hitting items such as vents and in-between trim.

The Hog Brush Kit composition is made up of a single piece plastic construction, instead of the usual separate handle and ferrule/collar. This helps prevents as much bristle-loss as you may usually encountered makes for a longer lifespan of the brush itself as the plastic cannot break. There is also the advantage of no ferrule on these brushes, so there is no danger of scratching delicate surfaces or getting stuck in behind a wheel spoke.

Features & Benefits:

  • Soft, natural bristles
  • Versatile - suitable on wheels, engine bays or interiors
  • Single piece plastic construction (more durable, longer lasting)
  • Contains no ferrule - less likely to accidentally scratch

Size: 2 Pack

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