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Dodo Juice Barrel Brush

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Dodo Juice Barrel Brush
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Premium & soft deep cleaning wheel brush

The Dodo Juice Barrel Brush offers the perfect combination of softness, durability and effectiveness. Thanks to its plastic, non-scratch handle, soft grip at one end and a plush deep pile microfibre at the other, the Barrel Brush delivers the perfect combo for reaching deep into an alloy wheel, whilst being safe at the same time.

Almost half a metre long, the Barrel Brush can enter in-between the spokes of your alloy wheel to clean deep inside the wheel barrels. The microfibre brush head is large enough to carry cleaning solution yet small enough to edge around brake discs and into areas that are usually out of bounds. The microfibre composition also means that it won't rot like some other wool wheel brushes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Long reach wheel brush
  • Durable, high absorption microfibre brush head
  • Reach into wheel barrels, in-between spokes & around brake discs safely
  • Plastic, soft grip non-scratch handle
  • Nearly half a metre in length

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