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Matte Paint Car Care - by Scholl Concepts

With modern paint technology more manufacturers are offering matte paintwork as an option for your car, no longer found on just supercars many high performance cars will now come with a few options in matte paint. Standing out from the crowd with a luxuries velvety finish matte paint can be a real header turned and desired look for motor enthusiasts.

We have a selection of products formulated without any added gloss enhancers. These are specifically for the cleaning, care and protection of non-shine, flat paintwork. This includes cars that have satin, matte, or vinyl wrapped surfaces. Matte or satin finishes are delicate and require specialist shampoos designed not to add gloss. These shampoos are specially formulated without gloss enhancers and can be used on satin or matte paint finishes or matte vinyl wraps.

Clean, Prepare, Protect, the three standard parts of any detail. All require slight adjustments when caring for matte or sating paintwork. Clean, the only change here is to use products without any gloss enhancers so no wash & wax. Prepare, no polishing or rubbing of the paint in any way as this can create gloss; even a clay bar could be a little risky if not used correctly. Protect, again only a small adjustment, any protective product has to be matte specific; be it a ceramic, wax or PPF all can be tailored to not add any gloss.

Ensure your non-gloss car paintwork is protected from the elements. Add durable, hydrophobic protection with a ceramic coating for matte paint car finishes. Available in spray, sealant or wax form, these products will not add any gloss at all. Instead, they simply protect all types of matte and satin paint, along with vinyl wraps.

So whatever your matte paintwork needs are we have the products to help keep your pride and joy looking its best for years to come, if you are still unsure, contact us for further help.