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Car Paint Protection Waxes - by Auto Finesse

Car Waxes: Unleash your vehicle's brilliance. Applying a carnauba car wax adds natural water repelling properties to a car. Waxing a car will also add durable protection and a deep, wet-look shine to paintwork. Considered the original form of paintwork protection, car waxing is still widely regarded as the main go-to for protecting a car.

Rev up your car's appearance with our premium selection of car waxes. At UF, we understand the importance of achieving that head-turning shine and maintaining the impeccable condition of your beloved car or other motor vehicle. Whether you're a car enthusiast seeking the perfect car wax or a professional detailer in pursuit of exceptional results, our top available collections are designed to elevate your car care routine to new heights.

Car Wax: Unlock the Secret to a Showroom-Worthy Shine

Discover the transformative power of car waxing. Our wide range of car waxes, including spray-on car wax, wax primer oils, and ceramic car wax, all offering a variety of options to suit your specific needs. From spray car waxes for quick touch-ups to carnauba car waxes for a deep, lustrous finish, our selection covers it all. With easy application such as the Bilt Hamber Double Speed, to insane shine from Kamikaze Collection Infinity Wax to the original Swissvax Best Of Show for an ultimate in premium grade T1 white carnauba wax.


  Wax or Polish?

  • Should you wax or polish your car? The answer lies in understanding their distinct purposes. While car waxing provides a protective layer and enhances the shine, car polishing goes deeper, correcting minor imperfections such as swirl marks and light scratches. For a comprehensive treatment, polish the paintwork first to restore the deep gloss and remove those imperfections, followed by a layer or two of wax to enhance the gloss further and add protective properties.

  How Long Does the Wax Last?

  • The longevity of car wax on your vehicle depends on many factors such driving conditions, frequency, and quality of the washes and the quality and application of the wax. Most would expect car waxes to last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. The best way to maintain any wax layer is to apply it after every few washes or more frequently if desired, remember you can never have too much natural car wax on your paintwork; it just adds more gloss. Spray waxes will offer you the quickest application but the shortest longevity. Hybrid or grade T1 carnauba waxes will give you the best longevity.

  What is a ceramic car wax?

  • A ceramic car wax or hybrid wax has a blend of traditional carnauba car wax and modern synthetic ceramics. This combination can give you both the high shine and “wet look” of a car wax with some longevity from a ceramic sealant. The ceramic car waxes or hybrid car waxes can achieve this as the synthetic element bond to the paintwork compared to a standard wax which just hardens.

Whether you're a detailing enthusiast or a professional in the industry, our range of car waxes caters for all. With our carefully selected brands from Swissvax, Dodo Juice, Kamikaze Collection & Angelwax to award-winning products like Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax. Expect exceptional results and an unparalleled shine. Explore our collection today and experience the joy of a brilliantly maintained vehicle. Unleash the true potential of your car's appearance with our car waxes – the road to automotive brilliance starts here!