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Car Liquid Waxes

Spray car wax, quick touch-ups and insane shine. When you're in need of a quick and effective solution, our spray car waxes are here to deliver. Designed for convenient application, spray car waxes offer an effortless way to rejuvenate your vehicle's shine. Simply spray and wipe, and witness the instant transformation of your car's appearance. Our range of spray car waxes are formulated to provide a glossy finish while providing protection against harmful UV rays and other contaminants. Enjoy the convenience of a spray-on application with the benefits of long-lasting shine and protection.

If you are looking for something a little longer lasting but don’t want to invest in a full carnauba paste wax you can reach out for a car liquid wax. Auto Finesse offer some of the best liquid waxes on the market especially with their Graphene Filler Wax; offering both filling properties to hide any light paint imperfections and infused with graphene to give you the latest in high shine technology.


  What is better hand wax or spray wax?

  • For speed, it is better to use a spray wax, for a longer lasting shine it is better to use a traditional hand wax. For instant shine you can’t beat a spray wax but after a few layers of hand car wax you will create a deeper gloss. Liquid waxes can fit in-between the two with both overall shine and speed of application.

  What is the best spray or liquid car wax?

Spray on car wax or liquid car wax can bridge both the cap between speed and performance thanks to advances in synthetic blend technology but also giving your car that deep “just washed” look. To boost the performance of any spray or liquid wax it is always important to prepare the surface correctly. The use of a clay bar and polish before the first layer is applied will both increase the performance and longevity of each and every layer thereafter applied.