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Car Leather Repair Kits

Leather cleaning brushes are essential for getting into tight areas and crevices that are difficult to reach with a cloth. Leather Brushes have soft bristles that are perfect for cleaning leather surfaces without damaging them. Refurbish your car's leather interior with our selection of repair kits.

Alternatively, leather or interior cleaning pads can offer you a little more bite to lift away heavier contamination along with your leather or interior cleaner.

Our brand also offers a range of leather repair kits to help you repair damaged leather surfaces. These kits include:

  • Leather Colour Kits - to restore faded leather or heavily worn areas such as seat bolsters or arm rests.
  • Leather Steering Wheel Kits - the most used part of any car that without the correct items can literally fall apart in your hands

Can you repair damaged leather?

  • Yes, damaged leather can be repaired using various methods, the most common is to use a leather colour repair kit which restore the original finish of the leather.

What is the best product to repair leather?

  • It depends on the damage, but most of the time a good clean and colour restoration will bring the leather back to new. Use a protector after to prolong the life of the repaired leather.

Do home leather repair kits work?

  • Yes, most colour kits can be used at home to good effect. Leather tears and punctures may be a little more difficult for a home user to restore, and professional help may save you in the long run. General tarnishing though can be completed by anyone.

What is the best repair for torn leather?

  • If it is just surface patchiness, then a colour restorer may do the job; but if the leather has torn through to the substrate, professional repair may be the best course of action.

Leather cleaners and repair kits are essential for maintaining the appearance of leather. Our online offering from colour kits, to the tools to combat the problem areas can be found from some leading leather experts.