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Kamikaze Collection UK Certified Detailer List

Kamikaze Collection ENREI & ZIPANG (Certified Detailers Only)

Kamikaze Collection is a Japanese manufacturer of highly innovative car care products designed to solve long-standing challenges faced by professional detailers and enthusiasts.

UF is Kamikaze Collection International's exclusive UK and Ireland representative for the training and management of Kamikaze Collection's certified detailer network. While the majority of Kamikaze Collection products are available for enthusiasts and detailers to purchase, professional-only coatings are available exclusively to Certified Detailers.

Kamikaze Collection ENREI Coat and ZIPANG Coat are Professional Only products. The longevity and performance of these state-of-the-art products can only be fully guaranteed when applied under strictly controlled conditions including very specific application techniques as well as optimum temperature and relative humidity.

Kamikaze Collection certified detailers all have their own studio and a portfolio of work demonstrating their commitment to providing industry-leading standards of automotive care.

If you are a professional detailer or company interested in becoming Kamikaze Collection certified, in the first instance, please complete the online questionnaire here.

If you are a customer looking for a Kamikaze Collection Certified Detailer in your area, please refer to the map below. Alternatively, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

The full range of Kamikaze Collection Japanese Detailing Products can be found here.


  • Anthony Hall - Custom Coats (NE29, Tyne & Wear) view
  • Tony Thomson / Paul Barker - Performance 28 (DH2, County Durham) view
  • Alex Busfield - Altec Detailing (BD18, West Yorkshire) view
  • Mark Fryer - Final Glaze (HU11, East Yorkshire) view
  • Damian Hodgson - RDH Details (BB7, Lancashire) view
  • Tristan Batey - Scott James Of Lytham (FY8, Lancashire) view
  • Rizwan Safdar - Valiant Detailing (HD1, West Yorkshire) view
  • Barry Polding - Top Car Detailing (WA10, Merseyside) view
  • Kasif Ghani - Central Detailing (M13, Manchester) view
  • Jim White - White Details (LN1, Lincolnshire) view
  • Jonathan Davoine - Perfect Car Care (DE4, Derbyshire) view
  • Simon Hibbert - Waxworx Luxury Automotive Care (CW5, Cheshire) view
  • Joe de Bie - Pristine Detailing (LE11, Leicestershire) view
  • Barry Davies - Auto Detox (WS11, West Midlands) view
  • Ryan Jeavons - Ryan Details (WV2, West Midlands) view
  • Byron Walker - Top Wrapz Limited (B7, West Midlands) view
  • Mark Street - Detail Finish (CV2, Warwickshire) view
  • Ross Pulford - Dynamics Detailing (LE17, Leicestershire) view
  • Rinalds Jesajans - RR Purity Car Detailing (NN8, Northamptonshire) view
  • Lewis Schwier - L&D Luxury Detailing (CB6, Cambridgeshire) view
  • Elliot Stafford - Detail Your Eyecandy (NR16, Norfolk) view
  • Stuart Gurnett - Ace Auto Cosmetics (WR5, Worcester) view
  • Francis Maloney - Emerald Detailing (CV35, Warwickshire) view
  • Mark Stabler - Marque One Detailing (LU7, Bedfordshire) view
  • Charles Dujardin - Autowaxworks (OX26, Oxfordshire) view
  • Parry Chana - Lux Detailing Limited (CM3, Essex) view
  • Adam Jeffrey - Refined Details (HP22, Buckinghamshire) view
  • Harveer Basra - Pura Detail (CM16, Essex) view
  • Daryl Benfield - Offset Detailing (SS6, Essex) view
  • Gurcharn Sahota - Elite Detailing (EDP) (SW1, London) view
  • Andrew Young - Bellissimoto (SE16, London) view
  • Mark Gonsalves - Enhanced Detailing (SE18, London) view
  • Peter Davies - Design By Detail (RG7, Berkshire) view
  • Kevin Choules - Seal It Wax It (RG31, Berkshire) view
  • Anthony Gannon - Detail Car Care (SN8, Wiltshire) view
  • Rob Matthews - Attention To Detailing (RG40, Berkshire) view
  • Marvin Fowler - WOW Factors (BR5, Kent) view
  • Rob Barnard - R & R Detailing (CR6, Surrey) view
  • Ed Staples - Divine Detail (CR5, Surrey) view
  • Paul Townsend - Auto Curators Limited (RG27, Hampshire) view
  • Scott Charlton - SMC Detailing (RH1, Surrey) view
  • Olivier Sarson - Phoenix Detailing (BN18, West Sussex) view
  • Bradley Griffin - Concours Detailing (RG7, Hampshire) view
  • Kyan Jogoo - Black River Details (PO21, West Sussex) view
  • Tony Wood - Bear's Detailing (BS6, Bristol) view
  • Cameron Black / James McKenny - Polished Perfection (PL7, Devon) view
  • Mike Hill - Crystal Detail (TR13, Cornwall) view


  • Mark Budge - Autolux Detailing Solutions (KW14, Thurso, Scotland) view
  • Krystian Rabiej - 2K Customs Ltd (IV1, Inverness-shire, Scotland) view
  • Clive Ford - The Detailer (FK9, Stirling, Scotland) view
  • Chris Matthews - Edinburgh Car Valeting (EH4, Edinburgh, Scotland) view
  • Zen Raza - Carisma Works (G5, Glasgow, Scotland) view
  • Kevin Mcdowall - KW Detailing (KA1, Kilmarnock, Scotland) view

Northern Ireland

  • Mark Smiley - Total Perfection (BT44, Northern Ireland) view
  • Darren Wilson - Complete Car Care Company (BT28, Northern Ireland) view
  • Rollo Gillespie - Orchard County Detailing (BT62, Northern Ireland) view
  • Rodney Tawia - Bathe Detailing (BT52, Northern Ireland) view


  • Ruslan Gorincioi / Dean Stewart- J H Autobody (Dublin 7, Ireland)


  • James Walker - Ti22 (NP19, Newport, Wales) view
  • Richard Lewis - Car Detailing & Finishing (CF11, Cardiff, Wales) view
  • Christopher Marsh - Wax & Gleam Detailing (CF31, Bridgend, Wales) view

Channel Islands

  • Sean Petch - Sean's Auto Services (St. Saviour, Jersey) view