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Heavy Cut Polishing Pads

Heavy cutting pads are designed to remove severely scratched, swirled, oxidised or stained paintwork lacquer. Manufacturers us specific foam, microfibre or wool materials or blends of each to create a machine polishing pad that has all the bite needed by detailers, valeters or enthusiasts alike.

Why do I need a heavy cut pad?

  • Scratch resistance or hard paintwork can still even up looking dull and lacking any shine. This will happen over a course of time, with millions of minute swirls adding up to scratched lacquer. Classic hand polishing at this stage on these types of paintwork will not remove them. You may be able to hide them for a couple of weeks with a glaze, but to restore the paintwork to its former glory, you need to machine polish.

Which polishing pad is best?

  • If you are looking for the heaviest cut, then look at wool and microfibre machine polishing pads. Individually or blended, these will give your machine polisher and compound combination the best chance of removing those deeper scratches or oxidisation.

    Car foam pads can be a little firm to start. As they soften, they become a lot better at curved angles on your paintwork.