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Super soft finishing pads in conjunction with a finishing compound refine your car's paintwork to a professional standard; banishing those remaining holograms, buffer trails or micro-scratches left behind from the heavy polishing stages. The finishing pad is also a great way to smoothly apply your favourite machine wax or machine sealant.

Does refining paintwork do much?

  • Accurately compared to the heavy cutting stages, there is not as much of a visual difference in the gloss level. However, just as if we had a piece of rough sawn timber and with some general sand paper smoothed it out; it would still be a long way off a finished piece of elegant furniture. The refinishing stage gives you that extra gloss, final finish with no holograms or machine marks, really making your car stand out against the adoring crowd.

What is a hologram or machine buffer mark?

  • When machine polishing, you carefully remove the smallest amount of lacquer; you achieve this with an abrasive pad and compound. As the machine polisher works the abrasives in, it typically leaves behind its own micro-scratches; similar to swirls but on an even smaller level. You typically see this in the sunlight as a shimmer or "fish scales" on the paintwork. These visible marks will dance in bright light, but thankfully are quickly removed with a soft finishing pad and finishing compound.