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Medium Cut

Medium cut or polishing pads for your car sit between your heavy cutting pads and your final finishing or glazing pads. Made from either foam, microfibre or wool, they offer a middle grade cut to machine polish your car, removing light swirls or scratches.

Why do I need a medium pad?

  • It is important when you are machine polishing your car to have an effective range of pads and compounds. Included in this is a medium polishing pad designed to remove car swirls, scratches, and holograms. With the variety of car paint finishes on the market, harder paint lacquer will require a slightly firmer pad to refine for final gloss. Heavy cut pads, even though fantastic on harder European paint, may be overly aggressive for softer Asian paintwork. Medium pads' step in as your first cut/polish stage to remove those unsightly swirls.

What pad material should I use?

  • Car machine polishing pads technology is advancing year-on-year. Some manufactures such as Nanolex, Lake Country or Rupes offer hybrid pads with the best of all materials. These are carefully tailored for professionals to achieve the greatest gloss finishes For a budding enthusiast, a foam polishing pad is your safest bet. They are less likely to clog with compound and are much easier to work with on different car brands.