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Polishing Backing Plates

Backing Plates for Car Machine Polishers for rotary, dual action and forced rotation polishers. Available in a range of sizes to suit machine polishing pads, from 25mm (1 inch) right up to 150mm (6 inch).

The backing plate is a part of the car machine polisher which is overlooked, however, having a better quality backing plate, even upgrading from the standard version found on your machine can make quite a difference.

So if you are looking for a Dual Action Machine Polishing Backing Plate, we have a range of options for you. From thicker foam options suitable for softer paintwork, to solid metal versions to beef up the power of your DA polisher.

Rotary polishes are equipped with a male M14 thread, which makes an easy change over to any M14 female thread backing plate. Plus, with the added benefit of changing the size for larger or even tighter areas on the car, having those extra couple of sizes turns your single machine polisher into a tool that can cover every inch of your car. Each rotary polisher backing plate will offer varying levels of feedback, giving you an advantage on difference cars.

Last but not least. We have a collection of machine polisher upgrades, including DA spaces, extension bars and flexible necks.