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Coatic Washer Modifier (Carbon Fiber)

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Coatic Modification Washer (Carbon Fiber)
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Supercharge your RUPES machine polisher with higher spin rates.

The Coatic Washer Modifier has been bespoke made to create a gap for RUPES BigFoot LHR21, LHR15 and LHR12e Duetto machine polishing systems to enable professional detailers to 'supercharge' their machines. The Washer Modifier will enhance backing plate rotation and correction power by bypassing the backing plate shroud and allowing for a higher spin rate and free-spin orbits, thus further enhancing the compounding action of the machine polisher itself.

The Washer Modifier can be considered a 'Mod' to your regular RUPES Dual Action machine polisher that'll create a gap to increase backing plate rotation which is limited. Think of it as adding a turbo or supercharger to your oem engine.

Features & Benefits:

  • Washer modification for RUPES BigFoot LHR21 LHR15 & LHR12e Duetto machine polishers
  • 'Supercharges' backing plate rotation & correction power
  • Produces higher spin rate & free-spin orbits
  • Made from premium TorayCa M45 matte effect Carbon Fibre
  • The ultimate modification for your RUPES machine polisher

Please note: This product is not endorsed by RUPES

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