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Poorboy's World

Many car care ranges seek to tempt enthusiasts with cleverly designed expensive packaging, but Poorboy’s World decided to rely on the performance of their products to carry their name!

Rather than spending money on fancy bottles, Poorboy's put all their effort into developing easy-to-use products that deliver amazing results. Their enduring success speaks for itself!

Poorboy's polishes and waxes are easy on / easy off, meaning they’re easy to apply and remove even in the sun – unlike most polishes which stick fast to hot paintwork! Their hugely popular Black Hole Show Car Glaze is designed to complement dark coloured vehicles whilst White Diamond polish brings white cars to a whole new level of shine. Their range of Natty’s Paste Waxes provides the perfect protection element and can be layered for extended durability and topped off with EX-P Sealant provides even longer performance.

Poorboy’s is a range packed full of products tailored to meet the needs of the car care enthusiast, from great shampoos and cleaners to polishes designed to remove fine swirls and scratches. Bird droppings, water stains and oxidation can be banished and replaced with a high gloss, 'as new' finish that doesn’t carry the showroom price tag! For enthusiasts or professionals looking for great results at an even better price, Poorboy's doesn’t disappoint! No fancy packaging, just great results!