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Wheel Sealant (236ml)

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Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant (236ml)
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Helps Prevent Brake Dust & Road Grime Build-Up.

Keeping wheels free from brake dust, road grime and tar deposits is an on-going task. Regular wheel cleaning is important, so make the clean up process easier by applying Poorboys Wheel Sealant which inhibits deposit build up.

Features & Benefits:

  • Helps prevent deposits adhering to wheel surface
  • Helps prevent corrosion from road salts
  • Safe for use on all types of wheel including alloys, painted & polished
  • Makes washing wheels quicker & easier
  • Water beads off wheels keeping them sparkling for longer!

Size: 236ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Barry T.
five stars 06 Aug 2018

Poorboy's Wheel Sealant

I now believe the other reviews! After using Poorboy's Wheel Sealant on my Ford Focus Alloys I was very impressed at how it kept the brake dust from clinging to the wheels. I'm going to change my Ford basic pads for some Brembo pads. So when I do take the rims off the car I'll be applying the Poorboy's Wheel Sealant to the inside too. Hopefully that may also makes a difference on the internal part of the alloys. Tips; Clean rims using your preferred wheel cleaner (I used Meguiars) rinse well & leave to dry. Use a damp cloth to apply the Poorboys's using the same technique as applying boot polish, use one finger covered in the damp cloth small circular motions, then buff off using a clean microfleece towel.

five stars 26 Sep 2016

Great Looking Wheels

Love this product. Really easy to apply and to buff off, the smell is great when working with it. Keeps the wheels looking perfect and makes cleaning almost effortless.

five stars 14 May 2015

First time user

This is the first of the Poorboys products I have used and it is pretty impressive the wheels looked really good after applying the wheel sealant and after a week the wheels still look good. I only applied one coat so that's even more impressive. A little goes a long way so a tub should last ages. I love the smell even the other half asked what I was using as apparently it smells gorgeous!

five stars 02 May 2015

Top quality and lasts

If you are serious about looking after your alloys then please buy this product. After cleaning apply this and then buff off (applying a second coat does an even better job). Not only does dirt, grime and brake dust not stick so much but when you come to wash your wheels again youll be gobsmacked at how easy they will be to clean.

five stars 22 Apr 2014


Really is an amazing product. Like anything when it comes to detailing, the more prep work the better the result. A full clean of the wheels and 2 applications of this really will make your wheels look amazing. Ideally, you'd want to take your wheels off to ensure full coverage but if not possible, a bit of time to cover the inner and outer whilst on the car is worth it. Best sub £20 product I've bought.

five stars 10 Nov 2013

Great Shine

I normally just wax my wheels, but thought I would give this a go instead. Much easier to put on, let it dry to a haze and buff it off. Layers up great, wheels stay cleaner for longer and much easier to clean. A quality product.

David Timms - MirrorFinish
five stars 18 May 2012

what brake dust?

OK- I am sure that you have all been in this situation: Its a lovely weekend evening, you have spent the last 3 - 4 hours washing, polishing, prepping, waxing the car, and treating all the trims and tyres. Now you are standing back and admiring your work. Then after a drive to work on Monday grinnin at how ridiculously shiny your car is compared to your colleagues and you stop in your tracks...bloomin' brake dust on my big gleaming rims! Poorboys Wheel Sealant personally guarantee has eradicated this scenario from my life and now if I stick two quick coats of this sealant on to my rims (and mine are polished so they even stick to that material just as good as a painted surface) then the black spots that ruined my vision will not appear for a good 4 days of commuting in good weather. But if some does appear get a cloth and see it wipe off instantly! I was amazed!

Sarah - Team Ultimate Finish
five stars 18 May 2012

Does The Trick

I've never used a dedicated wheel wax before, I've just used whatever wax I've been using on my car. This stuff though is great - and a fraction of the cost! I can leave my wheels for 3 or 4 weeks (and I do a reasonable amount of driving) and having put this stuff on...the dirt & brake dust just slides off. Really good product and excellent price too.

five stars 18 May 2012

Great Product

Brilliant Product, easy to apply

Simon Clements
five stars 18 May 2012

Easy to use

Pleasure to apply and also easy to buff off. Left my alloys with a high shine, so far the road crud and brake dust seems to fall off after a rain or a quick wash. Quality product and wierdly smells superb.

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