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Angelwax H2GO Rain Repellent (100ml / 250ml)

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Angelwax H2GO Rain Repellent
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Hydrophobic coating for glass surfaces

Designed and formulated to contend with the most severe wet weather the elements have to offer, H2GO Rain Repellent will create a hydrophobic coating on all glass surfaces.

This coating of the surfaces prevents rain and other unexpected water from remaining on glass surfaces and makes driving in extreme weather conditions much safer. Rain and any other water that does make contact with the surface of the glass will simply bead and roll off at speeds as low as 20mph.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extreme hydrophobic properties drives water from glass
  • Makes driving in wet weather safer
  • Tested and used by professional detailers
  • Simple application

Directions for use:

  • Ensure glass is thoroughly cleaned, prepared and dry
  • Spray H2GO onto a clean, dry microfibre cloth or applicator and apply to the glass in a circular motion
  • Cover the entire surface
  • Leave to bond for approximately 10-15 minutes until a haze appears on the glass
  • Remove with a second clean, dry microfibre cloth

Sizes: 100ml or 250ml (Select from drop down menu above)

Due to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) legislation, we are unable to ship this product by Air. For European destinations please select European Standard By Road from the available delivery options during checkout.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

R Gourlay
five stars 15 Nov 2022

H2go is amazing !!

H2go is amazing !!

five stars 28 Mar 2021


H2Go is very good for the money one of the best that I have tried. Goes on so easy to the windows have done 4 cars so far and just under half a bottle left and put 4 coats on the front and back windows 2 coats on the side windows done dads car a few weeks ago and my sister's car they both are very impressed. I put it onto my trucks windows, very good on the truck the water replant and beads are excellent you won’t beat this for the money and it lasts for months at a time so the bottle goes a long way. Highly recommend.

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