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Auto Finesse Clay Bar Fine (200g)

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Fine Grade Clay Ideal For Frequent Use.

Soft, fine grade detailing clay bay which is easy to use and won't mar paintwork. This clay quickly and easily removes fallout such as tar deposits, brake dust flecks and bug squash from paintwork, glass and wheels. Designed for use with a clay lubricant.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fine grade abrasive - ideal for frequent use
  • Will not mar paintwork when used in conjunction with detailing clay
  • Shears tough, bonded contaminants away from paintwork
  • Reduces the need for scrubbing at paintwork during the wash process
  • Leaves surface smooth as glass to the touch

Directions for use:

  • Spray Auto Finesse Glide detailing lubricant over a section of panel
  • Using fingertip pressure, lightly rub the clay back & forth across the paintwork
  • Initially the clay may 'catch' on contamination - when clay runs smoothly section is contamination-free
  • Fold clay in on itself frequently to present a clean face to the paintwork. This prevents scratching the paintwork with contaminated clay.
  • When clay can no longer be folded to present a clean face, discard & select a new piece of clay

Tip: Cut clay bar into sections to prevent contaminating the whole bar if it gets dropped on the floor!

Size: 200g

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