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Auto Finesse Glide Clay Lubricant (500ml)

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Super Slick Clay Lubricant.

Many clay lubricants are quick detailers, repurposed due to their naturally slick formulations. But some quick detailers contain ingredients which will actively break down a clay bar, causing it to disintegrate during use. Other quick detailers simply aren't slick enough to provide a super slick surface to ensure your clay bar can move freely. In short, nothing does the job as well as a product designed specifically for the task at hand.

Auto Finesse has done just that by designing a lubricant designed to be purely used as a clay lube - and nothing else. By tailoring the product to purpose it ensures maximum lubricity - great news for paintwork. Using Glide is vital for reducing the chances of marring sensitive paint finishes during the clay process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extremely slick formulation allows clay to glide across paintwork & glass
  • Reduces the chances of introducing marring to sensitive paint finishes
  • Will not actively break down clay bars

Directions for use:

  • Simply spray liberally over surface to be clayed
  • Always ensure the surface to be clayed is sufficiently wet to ensure maximum glide!

Technical Specification:

  • Intended for use as clay lubricant
  • Does not contain oils or polymers

Size: 500ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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