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Auto Finesse Tread Tyre Cleaner (500ml)

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Powerful car tyre cleaning detailing product.

From Auto Finesse, Tread Tyre Cleaner is a powerful, ready-to-use rubber cleansing product which has been specifically formulated to break down the heaviest soiling and road grime found on the side of a tyre. Developed as a fast-acting, spray-on product, Tread is made up of a unique blend of heavy-duty cleaning agents and degreasers capable of purging surface contaminants like mud and road films, along with the most suborn, ingrained grime.

Crafted for tackling the most stubborn soiling and road grime, this pre-mixed rubber cleanser is designed to deliver instant cleaning power. Engineered to effectively loosen, lift, and eliminate both surface and deeply ingrained contaminants, Tread Tyre Cleaner works its magic deep within the rubber, ensuring a thorough cleanse. The result is a pristine surface that not only removes all traces of grime but also sets the stage for optimal adhesion of tire dressings.

Deep cleaning even under the surface, this heavy-duty cleaner effectively loosens and lifts away contaminants, allowing them to be quickly rinsed away.

Ideal for use with our Rubber Scrubber Tyre Brush, Tread will not only leave your rubber contaminant-free, but also creates the perfect surface for adhesion of silicone-based or water-based tyre dressings.


  • Powerful car tyre wall cleaner.
  • Ready-to-use product.
  • Cleans heavy soiling & road grime.
  • Prepares the tyre wall surface for the tyre dressing phase & better adhesion.

How To Use

  • Spray Tread liberally onto the car tyre wall.
  • Agitate the surface with a dedicated wheel cleaning brush or tyre scrubbing tool.
  • Rinse away the residue thoroughly.

Sizes: 500ml

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