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Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes (10 Pack)

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Handy Bird Dropping Removal Wipes For Your Car Paintwork

Bird Dropping Wipes from Autoglym are a handy set of sealed wipes which come in individual sealed sachets for instant, safe and effective removal of destructive bird droppings from your vehicle paintwork. Bird droppings are not just unsightly, but can also be extremely damaging to car paintwork if not attended to, often leaving a permanent blemish behind.

Features & benefits:

  • Does not leave a residue behind
  • Safely removes potentially harmful bird droppings from car paintwork
  • Convenient size
  • Individual sealed sachets
  • Easily store in your glovebox

Directions for use:

  • Place the wipe on the dropping and allow the deposit to soften
  • Do not rub dry the droppings as this may scratch paintwork
  • Once fully softened & following removal, dispose of the wipe into an appropriate bin

Size: 10 Pack

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Customer Reviews

five stars 29 Apr 2015

Come in handy

I have these at all times in my glove box, we all know you need to get bird poo off the paintwork ASAP as so the ammonia doesn't have lasting damage on the paintwork, never use water so these are incredibly handy to store in glove box. wrapped individually so do not dry out. very easy to remove the poo with no marks left. I have recommended all my friends and family to buy these ..... less than 50p a wipe!

Sarah - Team Ultimate Finish
three stars 16 Mar 2010

Messy jobs

I keep a box of these in the glovebox all the time. They're handy to have, and as they're wrapped as individual sachets they're easy. However you do have to be careful to let them soak a bit on to the poo otherwise you may scratch your paint if you just start scrubbing away at it. Also it does leave a wipe mark, so you need to go over it afterwards with a quick detailer to get the shine back. But still - for instant removal jobs they are well worth it.

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