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Autoglym Ultimate Screen Wash (500ml)

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Autoglym Ultimate Screen Wash (500ml)
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Smear-free Vision, Smoother Wiper Action.

Many motorists agree road grime and insects can cause a badly smeared windscreen, making it difficult to see the road properly. Sometimes these contaminants refuse to budge however much you try to wash them away.

A reliable, effective screenwash is an essential safety requirement and Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash provides a number of significant performance advantages.

Features & Benefits:

  • Inhibits smearing of insect remains
  • Clears contaminants rapidly
  • Cuts through road grime, salts & grits
  • 500ml makes 8 litres!
  • Antifreeze to -45c

Technical Info:

  • Maximum dilution 1:15 -1˚C

  • Optimum clean 1:9 -3˚C

  • Winter * 1:4 -6˚C

  • Severe winter ** 1:2 -14˚C

  • Extreme winter * 1:1 -25˚C

** 1:0 + -45˚C

Optimum clean recommended for best performance in summer and spring, or autumn above -3˚C.

Use throughout the year at recommended dilution rates for safe, smear-free driving.

Size: 500ml

Please note: Due to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) legislation, we are unable to ship this product by Air. For European destinations please select European Standard By Road from the available delivery options during checkout.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Customer Reviews

Rodney F
five stars 01 Feb 2023

A great product

A great product

five stars 26 Dec 2010

The Best I've Used

I've used lots of different screenwash products over the years and have to say this must be the best. This product doesn't freeze when mixed correctly unlike most others which do. 4 : 1 mix during the recent cold spell has been enough. Leaves the screen crystal clear and the wipers glide smoothly over the glass.

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