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Autoglym Polar Blaster (Karcher-K & BigBoi WashR Compatible)

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Car Pressure Washer Lance For use with all Polar Series products & More

The Polar Blaster provides a unique foam dispenser gun for use with Polar Series products or other suitable car snow foams/shampoos. The Polar Blaster provides a fast contactless option to ensure safe pre-washing and washing to protect your vehicle from unwanted swirling.

A twist of the main body of the lance toggles your ratio of product to water, adjusting the thickness of the foam dispensed. Choose from horizontal or vertical spray pattern via easy adjustment feature.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for BigBoi WashR & Karcher-K Series
  • 1 Litre reservoir bottle
  • Variable spray pattern – select horizontal or vertical
  • Adjustable dilution controls Product: Water ratio, affecting foam thickness

Directions for use (Assembly):

  • Attach the clear Pickup Tube to the brass nozzle on the underside of the Foam Gun Head
  • Attach the black end of the Connector to the hand gun on your pressure washer
  • Pull back the spring-loaded brass collar on the Connector and connect it to the silver nozzle on the Foam Gun Head.

Directions for use (In Use):

  • Dilute the product at the recommended rate, outlined on the sidewall of the Polar reservoir bottle
  • Screw the Foam Gun Head onto the Polar reservoir bottle and attach the Polar Blaster to your pressure washer lance
  • Aiming at the floor, pull the trigger on your pressure washer, allowing the Polar product to feed through
  • Turn the Dial to adjust the foam level and turn the Nozzle to change the spray pattern
  • Once the Polar product has fed through at the desired level, begin applying to your car in accordance with the relevant Polar Series product instructions
  • Rinse the reservoir bottle with clean water after using it with each product
  • Flush through the Polar Blaster with clean water when you have finished using it to apply all intended products

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Customer Reviews

five stars 07 Sep 2020

Very impressed

I'm very happy with this, I have used two other foam guns. one was £50 and it was ok, but not many adjustments. The other was a cheap generic one, you've all seen it. I bought this one because it has a wide opening. Most other cannons seem to have such a small bottle openings and I have no idea why, it makes it so awkward to fill up and rinse out! This one is perfect, as a bonus it also aerates the foam like nothing else I've used. I use UF foam 70/30 with water, honestly there were still snow drifts on the driveway four hours after I finished washing the car. Literally chuckled a bit as I used it. Don't cheap out on a snow foam gun, and don't pay £90 either, just get this as your first one and be done! Also, in the box is a fitting for Karcher K, but it's main fitting is the quick release shown in the picture, fits straight on to my handle/sprayer thing.

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