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Autoglym Polar Collection (500ml)

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Autoglym Polar Collection
Autoglym The Collection - Polar Range
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Pre-Wash, Wash & Protection Kit.

An exterior car care kit that makes the ideal gift for any budding car care enthusiast. Comprised of the three Autoglym Polar range products providing treatment for pre-wash, wash & protection.

Kit Contains:

  • Autoglym Polar Blast 500ml
  • Autoglym Polar Wash 500ml
  • Autoglym Polar Seal 500ml

Polar Blast: A high-foaming pre-cleaner that can be applied using a foam lance connected to a pressure washer or through a foam lance attached to a hose. The thick lather clings to surfaces, lifting contamination and allowing it to be easily rinsed away.

Polar Wash: Providing a safe and effective cleaner for application via a pressure washer and foam gun. Enabling you to cover your vehicle in a blanket of foam which eats away at dirt, traffic film and grime.

Polar Seal: Specially formulated pH neutral product for application through a pressure washer and a foam gun. Leaving a hydrophobic layer on your paintwork, water will then bead on the surface and reduce the time it takes to dry the car. Polar Seal can be applied to a clean, wet vehicle (avoiding the windscreen). Once coated, rinse off and dry to a high gloss finish.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Blast

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Wash

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Seal

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