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Colourlock Leather Fresh Colour (150ml)

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Colourlock Leather Fresh Colour (Black)
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Repair Scratches & Fading On Automotive Leather.

Leather upholstery can become faded and scratched with use. Colourlock Leather Fresh Colour can be used to rejuvenate the colour for faded areas, and replace removed pigment in scratches areas.

The colours listed are standard or marque-specific colours. Please verify the name of your leather's colour and then select from the drop down menu above.

Kit Contains:

  • Leather Fresh 150ml (Black)
  • Sponge for dye application
  • Cleaning Cloth

Directions for use:

  • After cleaning & degrease the leather using Colourlock Leather Cleaner & Cleaning Spirit (supplied separately)
  • Allow 1-3 hours for the leather to dry completely
  • Apply the Leather Fresh dye to the supplied sponge
  • Work from seam to seam & ensure even coverage
  • Dry the dye using a hair dryer
  • If high opacity is required, apply Leather Fresh in multiple layers, drying each layer with a hair dryer
  • As soon as leather is completely dry, apply Colourlock Leather Protector
  • Apply Colourlock Leather Protector with a soft cloth & do not buff afterwards (supplied separately)
  • Strained surfaces (high use areas or those frequently exposed to sunlight) should be protected every three months.

Coverage: 1 set is enough for one car interior Colour: Black

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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