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CTEK Indicator Panel 1.5M

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CTEK  Indicator Panel 1.5M
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The Latest CTEK Add-On - Battery Indicator Panel.

As seen in AutoEXPRESS magazine.

No more guesswork! This clever addition from CTEK indicates the status of your battery so you know whether it needs charging or reviving. And mounted on the interior of the vehicle means no need to keep opening the bonnet!

Ideally a battery conditioner should be attached to the battery whenever it's not in use, however this is not always practical. This Indicator Panel monitors your vehicle's battery, allowing it to be charged as necessary in order to prolong it's life.

The CTEK Indicator Panel attaches permanently via 8.4mm eyelets to the battery and then with an extension lead can be run through into the vehicle. The panel has a connector on the front allowing easy charging through the panel without the need to open the bonnet! The 3-colour LED display indicates the status of the battery:-

  • GREEN - fully charged
  • AMBER - charging is needed
  • RED - revive immediately in order to prevent damage

Suitable for use with the CTEK XS8.0, MXS3.6, MXS5.0 and the MXS7.0 chargers, this Indicator Connection Lead is perfect for seasonal vehicles.

Technical Specification:

  • 8.4mm eyelet connectors
  • 1500mm cable
  • 15A fuse

Only available with Comfort connectors (Orange & Black), not white connectors.

Size: 35mm x 21mm x 50mm

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