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Outdoor Car Covers

Protect your pride and joy from the outside elements with a custom fit or bespoke tailored made outdoor car cover. UV, acid rain, birdlime, leaves, twigs, and animals amongst other things all have the potential to damage your car's paintwork, even when you aren’t using it. With the selected range of outdoor car covers available from Ultimate Finish there will be a cover material that best suits your individual requirements. Enter your registration or vehicle details into our car cover selector to match your car to the correct customer fit or fully tailored bespoke covers. Our fully tailored covers will fit your car exactly, take 2–4 weeks for production and are priced into groups

Why is my fully tailored cover listed as Small-Extra Large?

  • Our fully tailored car covers will fit your car exactly and are made to our from hundreds of thousands of pattern numbers. To keep pricing simple these patterns are broken down into categories based on the complexity of the pattern and volume of material used.

What is the best car cover for UV protection?

  • Weathershield HP offers the best UV for your car's paintwork, with a 4-year guarantee*, this cover is perfect for summer conditions or south facing driveways.

What is the best cover for winter car protection?

  • Stormshield+, with its three layer patented design is one of the few car covers on the market to offer 100% waterproof protection but still breathe allowing condensation to evaporate.

Can I machine wash my car cover?

  • Covercraft Weathershield HP can be machined washed thanks to its ultra-thin material and tough overlapping “c” stitching. Other covers such as Stormshield it is best to sponge wash with warm water when on the car. Remember no strong cleaners or softeners are to be used on any cover as this will impact the performance.