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Dodo Juice Motley Blue (100ml)

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Dodo Juice Motley Blue (100ml)
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Multi-grade, mirror-shine metal polish

Motley Blue from Dodo Juice will rejuvenate exterior metal trim and give oxidised under-bonnet fittings a new lease of life. Cleaning, polishing and glazing, Motley Blue makes light work of dull metalwork, before sealing metal surfaces a little too, helping to keep it shiny for longer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Mirror-shine metal polish
  • Suitable for exhausts, exterior metal trim or under-bonnet fittings
  • Removes oxidisation
  • Leaves treated areas shiny, for longer

Directions for use:

  • Remove any rust first with a dedicated rust remover
  • Apply Motley Blue using a waffle weave cloth
  • Buff off with a clean, dry microfibre cloth

Sizes: 100ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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