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Flexipads Clay Pad Blue Fine Grade (80mm, 135mm, 150mm)

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Flexipads Clay Pad Blue Fine Grade (80mm, 135mm, 150mm)
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Speedy Clay Pad for Polishers

Attach the Flexipads Clay Pad Blue to a dual action polishing machine for quick and easy removal of embedded contaminants in your car's paintwork. Fantastic for removal of overspray, waterspots, iron particles, tree sap, hard bug splat, brake dust, hardened bird dropping, pollen and even light paint oxidisation.

Rather than using a conventional clay bar which can be very time-consuming, especially when dealing with harder to remove contamination or even just larger vehicles, swap to a clay pad for a polisher to save you time and money. Use on any painted gloss surface or even on glass or fibre glass boats.

The long-lasting clay style polymer surface insures quick and incredible decontamination results time after time. The pad will need to be replaced much less frequently than a clay bar. The pad can even be used on a rotary but extra lubrication may be required to avoid burning out or transfer to clay.


  • Available in 80-150mm sizes
  • 25mm foam middle
  • Hook & loop backing
  • Use on dual action or rotary
  • Long-lasting polymer clay
  • Speeds up claying time
  • Us on gloss paint, glass or fibreglass
  • This item must be used with a clay lubricant, not just water

Sizes: 80mm, 135mm or 150mm (Select from drop down menu above)

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