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Geist Spirit Of Leather Care

​Family owned with over 10 years experience restoring all types of leather; Geist brings you a collection of organic, plant, and algae based leather care products for your car. Their unique formulas nourish, protect, and restore the natural beauty of leather without harsh chemicals. The spirit (geist) of leather care is used by leading manufactures Tesla, BMW, JLR, Mercedes, VW Group amongst others.

Many leather cleaners have strong chemicals to cut through the dirt and grime, but these can be at the detriment to not only the leather but to the user's health and environment. Geist's clever chemists and team of leather experts have created a groundbreaking new way to clean your car's interior leather. Using plant and algae derived ingredients their cleaners and protectors are more environmentally friendly and less hazardous. Furthermore, they will prevent further damage to your leather naturally.

Which Geist product do I need for my leather?

Geist offers a few easy leather kits to keep things simple. Your standard cleaning kits 3 Minus for newer and less used leather or 3 Plus for older and hard worn leather. Require more, the steering wheel kit if you require something to restore a heavily used part of the car.

What's more Geist has taken their advance formulas and transferred them to fabric cleaners. Regardless if your car has Alcántara, cloth, leather, vinyl; you can find a naturally organic cleaner to keep you and your car in tip-top condition.

Does Geist do leather repair?

Many times a leather seat can require some repair over its lifetime. From getting in an out of the car or just marks and stains. With the extensive range of colours, dye removers or even just stronger cleaners for deep in ground dirt; you can repair nearly anything leather with Geist. Call for more advice or browse through the range to find the product you need.