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Geist Leather Conditioner (500ml)

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Geist Leather Conditioner (500ml)
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Restore Old Leather & Prevent Damage

Leather shrinks and cracks over the years due to moisture loss. This can be sped up with poor cleaning or heavy use. One way to slow the ageing process is to apply Geist Leather Conditioner on a regular basis.

The leather surface top coat finish polymers lose flexibility over time, these polymers prevent the leather from hardening. As they evaporate (moisture loss) the leather can harden as it naturally would over time. The Geist Leather Conditioner contains a natural blend of a micro oil-water emulsion containing penetration enhancers, they rapidly get into the deep layers of dry leather by overcoming the surface tension and with high affinity to the leather fibre. With no PFOA chemicals or nanoparticles, this is one of the best leather conditioners for both you, your leather and the environment.

After application, the leather will feel soft and have a natural glow, no high gloss slippery finish. The bottle contains no perfumes which can harm the leather coatings; a must for any leather over 3 years old to increase the tear strength but can be used on newer leather alongside Geist Dye & Friction Blocker.


  • Slows leather ageing
  • Nourishes deep into the leather
  • Easy application
  • Restores elasticity
  • Prevents leather shrinkage

How To Use:

  • Spray Geist Leather Conditioner onto a clean cloth
  • Spread evenly over top coated leather
  • Allow to penetrate slowly from 1 to 12 hours (longer is better)
  • Repeat every 3 months for maintenance
  • Repeat every 2 weeks to restore older leather
  • Keep away from heat or direct sunlight whilst drying

Size: 500ml


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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