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Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer (30ml, 50ml & 250ml)

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Unbeatable Durability & Gloss For Cars & Marine Craft.

C1 Crystal Lacquer is a new and improved version of the previous C1 Crystal Lacquer. C1 chemically bonds with paintwork to become the new surface layer of your vehicle. The strong bond gives unbeatable resistance to UV, dirt and water making the surface highly scratch and swirl resistant and much easier to clean!

Features & Benefits:

  • Unbelievably long-lasting protection from UV, dirt & swirl resistance
  • In tests C1 lasts up to 10 times longer than dealer applied products
  • Uses nano technology - a little goes a long way!
  • Can be used on cars, motorcycles, boats & planes!
  • Forms ultra strong chemical covalent bond with surface of paintwork
  • Forms ultra hard sub-micron crystalline film inhibiting scratches & swirls
  • Download: How To Use Guide

Extreme Durability: Unlike regular polymer sealants, C1 actually becomes the functional surface of your car's paintwork. It does this by swapping part of its molecular structure with the surface molecules of the paintwork. This is a true chemical or covalent bond which is very strong. In tests C1 outlasted dealer applied sealants by at least 10 times.

Scratch Resistance: C1 forms a sub-micron crystalline film which is extremely hard. This characteristic makes C1 extremely effective at preventing scratching from poor wash technique on relatively soft automotive paint.

Water & dirt repellency: C1 is a biomimetic coating. Drawing on lessons from the natural world it mimics the repellency of plants that repel water and dirt in order to keep their leaves clean and transfers this technology to your paintwork.

Coverage: 200m2 per litre

Sizes: 30ml, 50ml & 250ml (Select from drop down menu above)

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Ian Marshall
five stars 14 Aug 2020


Use the coating after I done a full machine polish on my 2018 tumeric yellow golf R 7.5. The finish is so bright it makes the colour stand out so much more and it's so easy to clean now, also did the wheels, brake calipers and exhaust tips and most of the dirt just comes off with the jetwash. Brilliant product.

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