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Aqua Gleam 0ppm De-ionising Water Filter (Small)

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Car Water Filter For A Spotless Finish.

The final stage of any good car wash system is a pure water rinse that ensures a spot free finish. Now, thanks to the Aqua Gleam in-line filter you can enjoy the benefits of virtually pure water, giving you a spot free finish when washing your car at home.

The Aqua Gleam 0ppm filter can filter the below quantities of water, we would expect an average of 8 litres to be used per rinse. There are many factors that can contribute to the lifecycle of any water filter, such as hard water sources, use from a water softener (due to added salt content), water from boreholes; and these numbers should be used as a guide only. The resin will change colour as it is "used" up and will need replacing once complete.

  • Small (12") - Hardness Water (Soft) - 480 Litres
  • Small (12") - Hardness Water (Medium) - 248 Litres
  • Small (12") - Hardness Water (Hard) - 160 Litres

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates watermarks & streaks
  • Virtually pure de-ionised water
  • No need to chamois dry
  • Significantly enhanced shine
  • Supplied with two quick connect hose end fittings
  • Many other applications - motorcycles, boats, aircraft, motorhomes, etc
  • Small - Length 350mm (13.7") & Width 100mm (4")
  • Large - Length 805mm (31.7") & Width 100mm (4")

Purifies ordinary tap water to 0 parts per million (0ppm). Water at this higher level of purity will provide the best possible results and meet the requirements of even the most demanding users. In areas with particularly hard water it may be preferable to use a 30ppm filter rather than the 0ppm filter in order to prolong filter life. Alternatively a 30ppm can be used in-line with a 0ppm filter.

Instruction For Use

1) Wash your car with safe wash techniques, taking care to be thorough.
2) Rinse the soapy water away using regular tap water.
3) Do not allow the vehicle to dry.
4) Connect the Aqua Gleam filter in-line with your hose using the connectors supplied.
5) Rinse the whole vehicle a second time.
6) Stand back and allow to air dry naturally for a spot free finished result.


  • Reduce the water flow rate using an in-line regulator
  • Keep the length of hose from the filter to the car as short as possible.
  • The filter may be laid on the ground, however it is best suspended vertically with water in at the bottom
  • Do not use in conjunction with a water softener or pressure washer (above 100psi).
  • Only use enough water to re-wet all surfaces
  • Use the filter in the same direction each time
  • The colour change mechanism is affected by sunlight, drain after use and store in darkness
  • The filter media will change colour to signal when replacement is due, even when the colour has changed, continue to use the filter until you are no longer satisfied with the result.
  • Any fish smell is just a result of water being left in the media for too long after use, it will not impact the purifying ability.

Sizes: Small (12 inch) & Large (30 inch)

Customer Reviews

Andrew B
five stars 12 Dec 2022

Great product

Great product from a great seller. Thanks.

five stars 29 Jun 2022

Great product 30" deioniser

Fantastic filter. My tap water 230ppm, Brita filter 160 ppm and Deionizer 30" 1ppm. What more needs to be said.

five stars 30 Oct 2019

Perfect for metallic Black

On my second filter and really wouldn't be without is - have even recommended to some custom car friends in the states. I had real issues with water spots and it took me hours to clean car but now after the rinse, you can almost leave the car to dry naturally without a mark - very impressed.

five stars 18 Apr 2018


Read the reviews and had to try it. Black metalic finish, in direct sunshine left to dry naturally. Blummin hek it works absolutely amazing. Not quite perfect - but very nearly. The shine actually looks better than if I had dried it without the filter. Intend to dry with the BigBoi in future. A little concerned about running costs.. but lets wait and see

Chris S
five stars 25 May 2015

Now I'm a believer

Like most of the previous reviewers I had had my doubts before trying this product. My car is finished in dark metallic grey and i live in a hard water area, not a great combination. Washed the car this morning in the normal way, snowfoam and two bucket method. Connected up the Aqua Gleam for the final rinse and left it to dry in the sun. To my surprise it dried completely clear of any water marks. The windows, usually a real pain to get streak free didn't really even need glass cleaner! This product does what it says on the tin. My only reservation is how long it will last, but results so far are very impressive.

Jason Wright
five stars 27 Jul 2014

What a time saver

Bought this product at the start of the year, but not had time to use it. Finally yesterday on a hot day in the UK with plenty of sun I had time. I foamed the car, rinsed it, TBM wash, rinsed again then used the filter for a final rinse. I was not expecting much to be honest, but after 30 minutes the car was virtually dry and the water had just vanished leaving no marks. I did find a few on the wing mirror glass, but that was me not rinsing well enough. Really really good product and works well on my black car. The only thing to watch out for is how slippery the filter can be when you have wet hands. After using it I disconnected it from the mains pipe, stood up, and then disconnected the other end… only to pull to hard and yank the unit out of my wet hands. As you can imagine it dropped on the tarmac connector first and has destroyed the end. A hose connecter will still fit, but it’s not water tight. I’ll have to force a bit of hose over it and secure with a jubilee clip it I guess. You have been warned! Overall does what it says it will and saved me a lot of time and elbow drying grease!

five stars 20 Oct 2013

A great time saving product

The results of the Aqua Gleam system have done a pretty darn good job. I haven't touch this with a towel and already I'm planning my next detailing stage, so it's definitely a time saving gadget. The panels have been stripped of all waxes and sealants so there's no help from them to streak water. As soon as the water touched the bodywork, it streaked off to leave a lovely, clean and spot free finish. Definitely recommend this product.

Sarah Jane B
five stars 16 Sep 2011


I've got a black car with awkward angles and notoriously soft paint, so despite obsessively drying no more than a meter at a time, and only ever using a micro fibre the once then binning it, the swirl marks still add up. I recently bought some triple wax gold self drying shampoo and the car dried completely White with smears. I've just used the same stuff with this filter, IN THE SUNSHINE, walked off and returned to a gleaming dry car. I'm absolutely gobsmacked!!! It's bone dry too, to the point the paintwork squeaks really loud if you touch it. I'm a very hard to please kinda gal, but I have to say this is one of the best products I've ever used and I'll be emailing everyone I know to tell them. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! PS: I keep walking back out to check on her....I still can't believe it!!

Nick S
five stars 20 Jun 2011

Sceptic proven wrong

I live in a very hard water area so this product really seemed the holy grail. I was REALLY sceptical as to whether to buy it but thought I'd trust the favourable reviews of other UF customers. So, what did I think? Amazing! A quick rinse and 30 minutes later I had a shiny spot free car, something impossible beforehand! I would happily recommend this to anyone, sure they'd also be very impressed. A 5 star product!!!

five stars 01 Nov 2010

Crystal Clear

I love it and you can read about my test in the FTO Owners Group E-Mag: www.fto-group.co.uk/pdf/winter2010/mag.html

five stars 30 Aug 2010


Even though I used a blower to dispose of the rinse water quickly after washing, on a hot sunny day I wasn't able to always get round the entire car before parts of it dried leaving nasty streaks, removing these can be tricky possibly leading to marring. After reading positive reviews I invested in an Aqua Gleam, what a difference! Although I do not wait for the car to dry by itself (I'm sure it would very effectively) the improvement in water dispersement and the increased brightness of the finish is quite amazing. One small area I feel would be an improvement is in the draining process after use. No matter how carefully you attempt to drain all the water from the filter there is always some left that necessitates slightly shaking the unit to remove (tedious), if puddles are not to be left in your storage area. Water retention stop caps to replace the plastic caps that come with the filter at present would be very welcome.

Chris Davies
five stars 24 Jul 2010

Aqua Gleam - Review by CarProductsTested.com

So, the verdict. It’s an excellent piece of kit which will astound you. Very much a well-deserved 10/10! Whether it’s summer or winter, you will notice a huge difference after washing your car. Just think how much time the Aqua Gleam will save you in drying time alone. It makes perfect sense. Now, we’re off to wash our cars again.

five stars 16 Feb 2010

Unbelievable Results

Washing both a big car and a black car in a hard water area has never been straight forward: Water-marks would appear on one side of the car by the time I’d finished rinsing the other side! The Aqua Gleam system means that I can obtain a totally streak and water-mark free finish that looks as good as if I’d waxed the car, and I don’t have to worry about spraying the finished car when I start on the second! I also use my exhausted 0ppm filter in line with a new 0ppm filter to prolong the new filter life – it works a treat! £50 might sound expensive, but it’s worth every penny!

five stars 15 Jul 2009

Best time & energy saving gadget ever!

I started using this product when I started working here. It's excellent. I'm useless with a chamois and this not only means I don't have to struggle with one, it puts a lovely shine on the car. Chamois have the potential to put swirls in etc, especially if they get dirty. This is the way forward, I'll never do it any other way!

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